Gameloft prepares new version of the Gangstar game, this time in Rio de Janeiro

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When Rovio launched a version of the game Angry Birds adapted to the film Rio, some more moralistic readers saw prejudiced subliminal messages there, such as the association of bird traffic with the wonderful city. The controversy promises to become even stronger, with the option of Gameloft to place its violent game from the Gangstar series in the city of Rio, with the title of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.

In fact, Rio is no more privileged than other cities like Miami and the west coast of the United States, which illustrate the other two versions of the series. Therefore, it may be an exaggeration to think that the game is the result of prejudice against our country.

The game is heavily based on the GTA game, where the main character steals cars, weapons and gets involved with criminals, all with the aim of taking revenge.

It hasn’t been released yet, but there’s already a small trailer of it:

Violent? Perhaps, but no more than the films City of God and Elite Squad.

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