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Gameloft prepares Asphalt 8 game, with even more realistic graphics engine

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The series games Asphalt have always been among the most popular of the racing genre on the App Store, and the latest version came to be among the 10 favorites of our readers in 2012. Now, Gameloft is preparing a new version, even better: the Asphalt 8: Infinity.

With improved graphics and evolution in the use of physics calculations, this new version has a new graphics engine that makes the player experience even more realistic.

This week, a video leaked with testimonials from the developers (some of them, the iPhone Blog already had the opportunity to chat in person, at a special event in 2008), in which they tell some news about the game (in English with a strong French accent) :

EDITED: at the request of Gameloft, we removed the video, which ended up leaking on the internet ahead of time.

There is still no definite date for the game’s release, but it is expected to happen in the first months of 2013. Will you be able to hold back the anxiety? ?