Gameloft launches Zombiewood game, for iPhone, iPod and iPad

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For some reason, games about zombies are a huge hit on the App Store. And not to be out of this, Gameloft has just launched a new title that explores the theme in a fun way: Zombiewood.

In Zombiewood, you are used by a crazy film director who wants to take advantage of a sudden zombie invasion in Los Angeles to shoot a movie that will be a box office hit.

Your mission, therefore, is to survive the attack of hundreds of undead coming towards you. For that, you have several weapons, which you can buy with coins obtained in the game itself. Of course, there is an option to buy more coins with real money, but this is not mandatory to progress in the game.

The game is already adapted to Portuguese, as Gameloft games are usually.

THE Zombiewood can be downloaded for free from the App Store (link) and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.