Gameloft launches Urban Crime, another free GTA-style game

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Fans of GTA / Gangstar style games are likely to like the new title released today by Gameloft, called Urban Crimes. In it, you must collect weapons and money to win the dispute between rival gangs in Miami.

The game is very similar to Gangstar Rio and probably uses the same engine, but the gameplay is not so good. The story is always the same: buying weapons, hitting other people, stealing cars, doing missions … things like that. Nothing very different from what is already known.

Negative point: unlike other Gameloft titles, this one is not translated to Portuguese. It is possible to put the game in Portuguese, but it is not automatic: you must go to the settings to change the language. ?

It follows Gameloft’s new trend of launching games “freemium“, That is, they are free but have options within the game to make purchases that advance your progress (diamonds, energy, etc.). But it is possible to play without buying anything, just following the natural rhythm of the game (which, by the way, is more fun). The bad part is that you spend the energy of the character during the game and then you have to stop to rest, waiting a few hours to return to play. Not everyone likes this.

It is more for fans of the genre looking for news. Gangstar Rio is even better to play.

THE Urban Crime it is free (link), but can only be downloaded with a foreign account (American or Uruguayan), because there is still no category games in the App Store in Brazil. It has a Universal version, which allows it to be used on both iPhone and iPad. If the device has Parental Control set to 17+, it cannot be installed on the device.