Gameloft finally launches the game Wild Blood, including in Brazil

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After several clues and mysteries, Gameloft finally released its first game made entirely with Unreal Engine, which is the same engine that became popular with the Infinity Blade. The foreign App Store arrived today as expected Wild Blood, with advanced graphics and a lot of emotion. The game at the beginning was not available in Brazil, but is now accessible to the national consumer.

THE IPhone Blog had the opportunity to test the game a week before its release and brings you first impressions. ?

The game

First of all, for those who were afraid of the gameplay being like Infinity Blade, don’t worry. They are very different styles and Wild Blood can follow another path, despite the structure being the same.

The story takes place in the middle ages. It is a retelling of the legend of King Arthur and his warrior Lancelot. In the game, Arthur discovers that Lancelot betrayed him, having an affair with his wife Guinevere. His hatred was so intense that he asked the sorceress Morgana to release demons to dominate the entire city of Avalon. Check out the video present in the game itself, subtitled in Portuguese:

The game is already translated into Portuguese, as is typical of Gameloft titles.

The gameplay is quite different from that of Infinity Blade. The character’s strokes are commanded by buttons and not by gestures, and he has much more freedom in the scenarios. The number of enemies in battles is greater, forcing the player to adapt to each fight.

The character has three weapons to choose from: a sword, an ax and a bow and arrow, which are used according to need. You can (and should) improve your weapons and armor with the help of the virtual money you earn during the development of the game.

It is possible to buy more virtual money through purchases in-app, with real money. But this is not necessary, and it is possible to play smoothly without any additional expenses beyond that paid for when purchasing the game. If you are having difficulty going through some stage of the game, the tip is to go back to a previous stage and get more money to reinforce the armaments. Break all the vases and barrels you find in front of you to accumulate more coins. Chests and hostage release also make good money.

The story consists of several chapters, which gradually become more difficult. There is also the way multiplayer, which lets you play with others over the internet or on a Wi-Fi network with friends. After getting through the 7th chapter (which is hard), the game releases the hard mode, and you have to redo all the other chapters to try again to go to chapter 8 and continue the journey (in this mode, even the puzzles in the chests start to work with limited time). No doubt it’s hours and hours of fun. ?

In short: Wild Blood is a fun game and should please those who like this type of game, especially God of War.

Wild Blood is available on the App Store (link) for $ 6.99. In Universal format (iPhone / iPad), it occupies about 1.5GB in the device.