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Gameloft does winter promotion and lowers the price of several of its games

Blog do iPhone

The other day we spoke here exactly that two of the three best racing games for iOS (in the opinion of the Blog) were on sale, just missing one of them. For now there is nothing more to complain about, because Asphalt 6 is on temporary promotion, costing only $ 0.99. And luckily it’s not just him, because the Gameloft decided to celebrate the arrival of winter (actually summer in the northern hemisphere) and also lowered the price of other cool games, check it out.

They are games for iPad and iPhone / iPod touch. Recalling that, for the sake of bureaucracy, there are no games in the Brazilian App Store. But you can buy them normally by opening an Argentine account, which accepts Brazilian credit cards. Enjoy, because the price is very good! ?

A great opportunity to update your games. So, enjoy. ?