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Gameloft announces a new Spiderman game for Android


Although we still don't know how we feel about the next movie Spiderman, we certainly welcome the new Android game. THE Gameloft announced that he is working with Marvel on the next Spiderman movie, which will be accompanied by a game of the same name and will be released on the film's opening day.

The new game is expected to have improved 3D visuals over its predecessor (Spiderman Total Mayhem), as well as many more missions. Of course, your main mission will continue to be to protect the city's citizens while improving your skills and facing the villains. The Lizard is the villain of the next movie, so we think he will also be the final opponent of the game.

The movie premiere on July 3. Although not yet officially confirmed, it only makes sense that the game will be released on the same date.

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