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Gameloft announces a game made with Unreal Engine for Android

THE Gameloft announced its first game made with the Unreal engine, exclusively developed for Android. So far, the only thing Gameloft has given us is the photo we showed at the top of this article, which was posted on the gaming company's Facebook page. The apocalyptic environment reigns in the photo, but any details or elements that might give us more information about this new game are unknown. We hope soon to be able to give more information about the subject that will surely surprise many people.

In order to motivate and hear from fans, Gameloft has posted the image on its official Facebook page, and the truth is that the result has been very positive as many fans from around the world commented and gave their opinion on Photograph. The photo and video teaser of the new game made with Motor Unreal were a success and we are all looking forward to seeing what this new game and this new technology used in it is all about.

It is not known which game will be. Can you tell us what the sword symbol is all about?