GAMEDEV Talks – A free online workshop for game developers and interested parties


I think it’s very healthy that we can support the people who work developing games here in Brazil. Our community is still small compared to other countries where the segment is better placed, so the effort to bring together experienced and novice people, but mainly interested in the area, can help to create several interesting opportunities and can answer several questions.

If you have always dreamed of attending events from game developers and can never go on account of living too far from any such event, transportation problems and whatever else may have prevented you, thanks to the internet you can now meet with a lot of people with the same interest as you.

About the event


There will be 4 meetings with big names in the Brazilian game industry where we will talk about several issues related to the world of game development.

When will the event take place?

GAMEDEV Talks will take place between the 13th and 22nd of March completely free of charge. There will be 4 different days with 1 meeting per day. You can sign up on this page to participate!

How does registration work?

Just register with your name and email. All information will be sent to your registration email, so keep an eye on it!

How will I attend the meetings live?

On the day of each meeting, the broadcast link for that day will be sent by email – just click and be prepared to watch!


The event is 100% free and you can register on this page at no cost.

Can I watch outside broadcast hours?

The meetings will be recorded and the recording link will be sent to everyone who is registered with GAMEDEV Talks.

Doubts? Send to [email protected]

About the events that will happen each day

ꔷ (03/13/2018) at 8pm

Gold worth pitch: how to convince accelerators, publishers and investors to bet on your game


ꔷ Orlando Fonseca Jr. – Founder of IMGNATION, who participated in the Boost VC and GameFounders accelerators

ꔷ Gabriel Sturmer – Cupcake CMO, who participated in Startup Chile, GameFounders and received an investment of US $ 1 million

ꔷ Saulo Camarotti – CEO of Behold Studios, which received R $ 1 million from ANCINE

ꔷ Raphael Dias – Founder of Game Production and creator of GamedevTalks

In this conversation with Orlando Fonseca Jr. (Imgnation), Gabriel Sturmer (cupcake) and Saulo Camarotti (Behold Studios), Raphael Dias will help you understand how to communicate your game idea to convince potential investors, publishers or even join an accelerator.

– How Cupcake managed an international investment of US $ 1 million.

– How to create pitches that convince the best investors and open doors for your game studio.

– Lessons from Silicon Valley: What IMGNATION learned from being accelerated for 3 months at Boost VC.

– How to use government funding notices to leverage your game studio and develop your best game ideas (in 2017 alone it was more than R $ 20 million).

Subscription link: https://producaodejogos.com/gamedevtalks/

ꔷ (03/15/2018) at 8pm

Ask the CEO: How to create and grow a gaming company in Brazil


ꔷ Marivaldo Cabral – CEO of QUByte Interactive, which has already produced games for PC, PS4, Wii and Nintendo Switch

Long Maurício longoni – CEO of Aquiris Game Studio, who has 10+ years of history and 70+ employees

ꔷ João Vítor – CEO of Cupcake, who seeks to be # 1 in the world in casual brain puzzle games

ꔷ Raphael Dias – Founder of Game Production and creator of GamedevTalks

In this conversation with Marivaldo Cabral (QUByte), Maurício Longoni (Aquiris) and João Vítor (Cupcake), Raphael Dias will select the main doubts of the audience and discuss them live with the CEOs of 3 successful gaming companies.

– What to do when a game fails: lessons on resilience from those who succeeded moving forward

– How to make your game studio grow and turn it into a healthy and productive company (many people invest years and never figure out how to do that)

– How to attract committed and highly skilled developers to your game studio and build a dream team

– What would these CEOs do if they were to start from scratch and start a new game company (apply these lessons to increase your chances of success)

Subscription link: https://producaodejogos.com/gamedevtalks/

ꔷ (20/03/2018) at 20h

Living on Games: how to make money developing independent games


Machado Walter Machado – Creator of the Ubermosh series and one of the main nationally successful indie cases

S Daniel Snd – Creator of What The Box and Rocketfist. First Brazilian to publish on Nintendo Switch

Car Rafael Carminatti – Independent developer with more than 3 million games sold on STEAM

ꔷ Raphael Dias – Founder of Game Production and creator of GamedevTalks

In this conversation with Walter Machado, Daniel Snd and Rafael Carminatti, Raphael Dias will debate what are the main ingredients to make a living from selling his own games.

– Lessons learned by small studios (of 1 or 2 people) that managed to create games with more than 100,000 copies sold worldwide.

– How to create games that sell every day and attract thirsty players for your next projects.

– How to have an engaged audience and almost begging to buy your game even months before launch.

– How to have a legion of fans who buy all the games you make and allow you to live from your dream of working with games.

Subscription link: https://producaodejogos.com/gamedevtalks/

ꔷ (03/22/2018) at 8pm

How to Change Careers and Start Working with Games


Ad Thiago Adamo – Track composer and sound designer, worked in the IT area

U Sergio Ueta – Engineer and Co-Founder of Mens Sana, worked in the IT area

Salto Tony Salto – Programmer at Garage 227, creator of SHINY (PC / PS4)

ꔷ Raphael Dias – Founder of Game Production and creator of GamedevTalks

In this conversation with Thiago Adamo, Sergio Ueta and Tony Salto, Raphael Dias will discuss the career change process and how to take the first steps in the gaming industry without leaving his current job.

– How to create an action plan to say goodbye to monotonous jobs and find exciting work in the gaming industry

– How to get started in the game market without leaving your current job (and how to find the right time to migrate)

– The biggest mistakes and main hits of those who decided to change and today have a successful career in the games market (and how to apply these lessons in your professional life)

– Proven strategies for having a second career in the game industry, even if your current job takes up almost all of your time

Subscription link: https://producaodejogos.com/gamedevtalks/

Take the opportunity, see you next time!