GameClub launches game service with iOS classics

GameClub launches game service with iOS classics

If you follow the MacMagazine, then it is likely that you have already read about the GameClub [1, 2, 3], which hit the market last March and soon stood out for its goal: to resurrect games for iOS that were “abandoned”.

The idea worked so well that now, in the same year that the company came to the world, it has already managed to launch its own gaming platform – which would have everything to compete directly with the Apple Arcade, were it not for the totally different focus between the two: while GameClub is concerned with bringing back old games, Apple wants to offer a new way to play through new titles.

GameClub app icon - a new way to play!

Similar to Apple Arcade, however, we have the business model: dozens of titles from a monthly subscription to $ 5 (the first 30 days are free!). Service subscribers will initially have access to 70 iOS classics, all updated and optimized for gadgets latest from Apple. In addition, we have general game details, tips and strategies in each of the titles.

There’s more: those who already purchase some of the games (re) made available by GameClub will be able to get them for free, even without a subscription to the service. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, GameClub subscribers will not have to worry about advertisements, in-house purchases and the internet, as the titles do not require a connection (just to download them, of course).

According to the company, its catalog includes some of the best rated mobile games on Metacritic, with several titles that top the App Store’s game lists of the year. As with Apple Arcade, new games will be added to the library weekly, including original and unpublished titles.

via MacStories