GameClub, catalog of more than 100 games per subscription, arrives for Android

GameClub, catalog of more than 100 games per subscription, arrives for Android

With a low monthly fee, GameClub is a service that gives you access to various games for your smartphone

In addition to subscription services for streaming movies and series like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Globoplay, among others, the gaming world is also entering this wave. Following this trend, we have the Apple Arcade for iOS devices and the Google Play Pass for Android devices, both with libraries full of excellent titles.

And there is also the platform GameClub, a platform that has a catalog with more than 100 titles, which launches its version for Android, adding verse that existed since 2019 for the iPhone (iOS), with some of the biggest successes of games for smartphones, but that are forgotten by the players.

The GameClub game model

In its launch in 2019, the subscription service of only 5 dollars per month from GameClub it was only available on iOS, offering access to more than 100 titles that have registered 100 million downloads so far. Today, the service is also available for Android users with a catalog that has grown to over 120 classic titles, costing only R $ 9.90 per month (and having a 30-day free trial).

The service comes in contrast to the general free-to-play model of games for mobile platforms. In these games, a large part of the financial income is generated through advertisements or the purchase of in-game items. Since the games present in the library of GameClub do not fit this model, a subscription platform where users had access to various titles paying a monthly fee was a very viable and profitable option.

According to the co-founder and CEO of GameClub, Dan Sherman, during the service launch:

“The free-to-play model works only for a few genres, excluding many genres that GameClub is trying to bring back – like action, adventure, arcade, tower defense and more. Basically, GameClub offers games that can be completed, rather than games that are shaped around user retention cycles through purchases. ”

As with Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass, users of GameClub pay a registration fee to access the complete library. With a subscription, up to 12 people can play games GameClub on iOS and Android. Best of all, the games will be shown online and offline and will not include purchases or advertisements.

GameClub library GameClub library as a Netflix of games with an extensive and varied library

At the iOS, the catalog grew to 87 games in total. Now at launch for Android, there are 40 games, but the company is launching more titles to keep the platform balanced on both operating systems, thus, a new game added every week.

GameClub's diverse catalog

The library's organization GameClub it's up to Eli Hodapp, former editor-in-chief of the mobile gaming site TouchArcade. Its main titles include Breach & Clear, Paint it Back, Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon, Legendary Wars, Monster Wars, Flick Fishing, Pocket RPG, Cursed Treasure 2 among other diverse games of the most varied genres and styles.

One of the great differentials of the GameClub that the titles present in your catalog are not only distributed by their creators and made available on the service. Instead, the developer team at GameClub it also updates the applications' original code to make games look new, for example, by optimizing them for the latest screen sizes and resolutions.

Pocket RPG at GameClub Pocket RPG is one of the fun games you will find in the GameClub collection

Although the Apple prevent iOS apps that sell other apps, the GameClub can operate on iOS because the app is not an app store. Instead, iOS users need to download individual GameClub games directly from the App Store. However, getting Apple's approval was not an easy task. The GameClub was even rejected 127 times before launch and the developer account was put under investigation for a month!

Fortunately, after these problems with Apple, the good news is that with the expansion of the service on Android systems, the GameClub now features more than a dozen best-selling games not yet offered on its platform, and several arrive on Android for the first time, as Flick Fishing, Puzzlejuice, Swap This !, Zombie Match Defense, ORC: Vengeance, Hackycat, Raid Leader, Wizard Golf RPG, Cubed Rally Racer, Return of the Zombie KingandPotatoman Seeks the Troof.

You find the GameClub for download from the App Store for iOS (iPhone) and the Play Store for Android. Check out the trailer below with some service titles:

Source: TechCrunch