GameClub aims to resurrect abandoned iOS games

Since the release of the first version of iOS (called “iPhone OS”) in 2007, multiple features have been deployed (and removed) on both the operating system and hardware of Apple devices. And all this, of course, directly impacted the App Store.

In 2010, for example, Apple introduced the iPhone 4 and Retina display, with more pixels than we were used to; At that time, many developers had to adapt their applications to the device screen, while others could not keep up with this technology.

A few years later, in 2017, one more big change took the lives of even more apps, when iOS 11 marked the end of the 32-bit apps path. While many of these apps are not currently available for download, others continue to roam the App Store limbo. But the project GameClub You want to bring them back to life.

The new developer officially debuted last week and has already released its beta program, in which any developer (or user) can sign up for early access to the upcoming games.

Basically, GameClub will become the new developer of games that join its “recycling” program, as the Touch arcade. More precisely, the company should handle all the updates, maintenance and support of each of these previously abandoned games.

We believe gaming experiences premium still have a home in modern mobile devices. GameClub is bringing back your old favorites and releasing new titles that we know you'll love.

"Refurbished" games will be added to the GameClub library and available to users; however, the developer has not yet disclosed how to charge for games. The first title announced Hook champion, from Rocketcat Games, originally released in 2009.

Hook Champ from @rocketcatgames was released on the App Store in late 2009, and has been unusable on modern devices for years. It is one of the many classic mobile games that GameClub is bringing back to life. Play now by joining our early access program on

If you are interested in following up or even collaborating with the project (GameClub accepts game suggestions to relaunch them) just sign up for the company program. The invitations will begin to be released today.

via Cult of Mac