Game XP turns classic games into real-life experiences

Game XP turns classic games into real-life experiences

Here are the main points you need to know about Game XP to enjoy the event

On Thursday (25), began to Game XP, the biggest game and experience event in Brazil, which takes place in the Olympic Park, in Rio de Janeiro, and runs until next Sunday, July 28th.

In the Park, a city was created that is the dream of any gamer’s consumption: giant arenas for online games disputes, stores selling clothes and even accessories for players and giant installations inspired by some of the most beloved games. In addition, the convention also follows some lines from its “mother”, the CCXP: the event has Cosplay Contest is Art Street.

And for those who are not surprised at the location, the Olympic Park was also used – in addition to Rio 2016 Olympics – for the festival Rock in Rio 2017. The great music festival, which also takes place this year in the same place, is one of the creators of the game convention.

But you know how to Game XP emerged? Check out a bit of the convention’s history before you know what’s new this year:

How did Game XP come about?

Who was in Rock in Rio 2017, had a preview part of the concept created to be the Game XP. At the music festival, an area was dedicated to the gamer world with cosplayers, installations of names like Microsoft and three gamers arenas.

After it pleased the public and became one of the great highlights of that edition of Rock in Rio, the organizers of the carioca music festival got involved with the creators of Comic Con Experience to make the Game XP something bigger than just one zone at a festival.

In 2018, Game XP became an event in its own right and, in the words of the organizers, became “The first game park in the world”. The event occupied three Olympic arenas in Barra de Tijuca in its first edition, following the same events that captivated the public.

Game XP is from the same creators of CCXP

Game XP is from the same creators of CCXP

This year, the convention grew and has an area 60% larger and twice the number of attractions. Fortnite, for example, is one of the highlights with a life-size bus, a crashing elevator and a playing field for game fans to experience what it is, in fact, to be in the game.

Just like in Rock in Rio, a Game XP it has a zip line that guarantees a panoramic view of the big event. The zip line is an action of the Nescau, which also took a stand that will make everyone move: two teams face off in a bicycle cycling competition. The team that fills the radius first wins exclusive prizes. Who said that online game emotion doesn’t exist in physical activities?

That’s the idea of Game XP: take the essence of amusement parks and game adventures and place them in a series of experience activities that place fans within the worlds and universes of some of their favorite games. In this edition, the event also has some attractions and exclusive activities in addition to those already mentioned here.

Three arenas for online disputes

As in the previous edition, Game XP it has three Olympic arenas where championships and disputes of online games take place. The official schedule can be checked on the Game XP website. There will be competitions Counter Strike and other famous games, with some of the biggest teams in Brazil.

Hi Game Arena at Game XP.

Event will feature Rainbow Six, CS and many more tournaments

Between matches, bands like Scanele and Supercombo perform so that players and audiences can relax and enjoy live music.

Crash, Fortnite, Pac-Man and more

In addition to being able to purchase licensed products from your favorite games, you can also enjoy giant themed installations with the face of the universe that you love to explore when playing. In addition to the radical activities of the Nescau, you can also enjoy a go-kart race with Crash Bandicoot. The action is to promote the remastering and relaunch of the classic Crash Nitro Kart, now renamed as Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. The game has been available since June 21st.

Another game that stands out, to the delight of the fans, is the Fortnite. Yes, there is a giant bus for you to feel ready to jump and start playing. There is a store with official t-shirts and llamas. And yes: Game XP it also features cosplayers dressed in some of the game’s most famous skins and dancing the iconic victory dances.

Fortnite skins tour Game XP.

Fortnite skins tour Game XP.

For fans of Fortnite more courageous, there is a GIANTESCO lift in the game park that takes the public to the sky to descend with everything in a mind-blowing adventure. Who needs Disney when can you enjoy this toy of pure adrenaline themed?

Have you ever thought about playing PAC MAN in real size? This is another of the great adventures of Game XP. You and your friends can dress up like eat-eaters or ghosts. Then, it’s like the game: you, Mr. Pac, need to escape the ghosts in a maze until you eat the fruit that allows you to eat the ghosts. Can you be faster than your friends in this race through the maze, recreating one of the most classic games of all time?

Like major music festivals and amusement parks, Game XP it also has a ferris wheel. The lines are usually long, but if you want to see the sunset of Rio de Janeiro falling behind the mountains in the beautiful setting of the Olympic Park, it is worth taking the line.

Finally, another attraction worth mentioning is the roller coaster with virtual reality. With the name Galaxy Rush, the little race will make you scream at the artifice of technology that will turn into a mind-boggling adventure through the most incredible scenery you can imagine.

Galaxy Rush: the roller coaster with Virtual Reality.

Galaxy Rush: the roller coaster with Virtual Reality

Medieval Street and exclusive products

Inspired by Rock in Rio Rock Streets that have different themes in each edition, Game XP street has a medieval theme. Inside, several stores like Riachuelo are selling their geek products.

Medieval Street by Game XP.

Game XP Medieval Street

Another highlight is that the Samsung is offering promotional prices to anyone who wants to build their game station with products purchased directly from Game XP. The Samsung Odyssey, notebook of the brand gamer line with video card GeForce GTX 1050, will be on sale for R $ 3,899.

An event also for music fans

If no Rock in Rio had attractions for gamers, in this great game festival music fans will not be left without having to do. One of the main attractions is the stage Genesis, which has an incredible decoration and that will make fans feel at a great music festival as well.

And, of course, the lineup left nothing to be desired. The curatorship was done by ZĂ© Ricardo, the same name responsible for the Stage Sunset at the Rock in Rio this year, which promotes cultural exchanges between artists, as partnerships highlighting paraense music with Gaby Amarantos, Dona Onete and Jaloo, in addition to uniting the band from SĂŁo Paulo The suit with the Portuguese band CapitĂŁo Fausto.

The idea is that the stage packs exactly the end of the day of the event, when fans of the games want to stop to eat or rest before leaving or enjoying some of the latest attractions. Every day, from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm, the stage receives renowned artists before closing the night with the classic fireworks display that is also a trademark of the Rock in Rio. On Thursday, it was the turn of the DJ duo Cat Dealers and the duo Ana Vitoria perform at Game XP, while the closing of the 26th is due to the pop diva IZA.

THE New Orchestra stays as a daily attraction. On Saturday, it’s the DJ’s turn Zeeba play some of your biggest hits. On Sunday, the closing of the Game XP is due to the great Mano Brown, in the presentation of the soul / funk show he does with his Boogie Band.

Genesis Stage brings musical attractions to Game XP.

Genesis Stage brings musical attractions to Game XP.

And you, are you already enjoying Game XP? Leave in the comments which attraction drew the most attention!