Game Winding Worlds is the new release of Apple Arcade!

Game Winding Worlds is the new release of Apple Arcade!

Today is Friday. Is Friday the day of …? Yes, launch on Apple Arcade! The game is Winding Worlds, an adventure with puzzles about a girl, an earthworm and goodbyes.

In it, you are far from home and do not know how you got to where you are. One thing, however, is certain: your destiny is to help your new friends, however you want. The problem? Not everyone is cooperating for this.

Help your new friends find safe passages through their strange planets. Things are going to get very, very strange. Start playing this puzzle and adventure game now.

Willow just wants to mind his own business. But, after finding a damaged magic necklace, she is transported on a fascinating adventure across several strange planets, each with a different inhabitant. Hired and guided by a mysterious cosmic worm, Willow’s mission is to help her new friends move on. Join the characters of Sinuous Worlds in an exciting story about grief, love, truth and acceptance.

Here’s the game trailer:

Winding Worlds has accessible, simple and intuitive interactions, with calm gameplay. The soundtrack was made by Dabu, an acclaimed sound designer who worked on GNOG, Boyfriend Dungeon and Dwarf Fortress.

As always, the title is available for iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs and Macs; to play, just subscribe to Apple Arcade paying R $ 10 monthly or R $ 100 annually.