Game Towers of Everland is the launch of the week for Apple Arcade

Game Towers of Everland is the launch of the week for Apple Arcade

Prepared for this week’s launch of Apple Arcade? This is the game Towers of Everland, created by Cobra Mobile.

Towers of Everland is now available! Explore grounds with ancient towers. Fend off macabre enemies. Look for treasures. Not bad for a day’s work in a distant land that few will return to.

Welcome to the Towers of Everland, where exploration, combat and RPG elements merge to create an incredible experience, providing a true adventure within a journey that will make you come back for more!

Are you fearless enough to conquer all the Towers? With a multitude of variations, two matches will never be the same!

On your epic journey, test your battle skills against the hordes of diabolical monsters you encounter along the way!

Gather weapons and armor from the hundreds of unique pieces in the course of your legendary adventure.

It is up to you to master the weapon of your choice!

Help rebuild and revitalize the Great City. Uncover the power of Guilds and craft amazing new weapons and armor to challenge any enemy that stands before you!

The game is full of missions and adventures for you to complete, towers that must be climbed, enemies that must be defeated, in addition to several weapons that must be discovered and much more!

Check out a video:

Towers of Everland is available for iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs and Macs. To play, you need to have an Apple Arcade subscription, which costs R $ 10 monthly or R $ 100 annually.

Good fun! ?