Game Review: Star Wars Battlefront


See the review of Star Wars Battlefront, a shooting game inspired by the famous movie saga. The game’s proposal is different from the conventional one, leaving the campaign mode completely aside.


Star Wars Battlefront arrived on PCs and consoles of the new generation to accompany the launch of the new film of the saga. The game’s proposal is different from the conventional one, completely leaving aside the campaign mode and focusing only on multiplayer. The change displeased traditional players, but this is an inevitable trend in games of the FPS genre. Still, can he be fun? I spent the past weekend playing Star Wars Battlefront on PRAÇA and below I leave my impressions.

Game Modes

THE multiplayer count with nine game modes, including Supremacy (where it is necessary to expel enemies as the territory is conquered), Battle (killer by teams), Fighter Squad (killer with ships) and other known variations of shooting games. Are 13 maps, divided into the four planets: Hoth, Endor, Tatooine and Sullust.

One of the most interesting ways is the Heroes vs Villains, which divides players into two teams, each with three iconic characters: Han, Leia and Luke on one side; Vader, Boba Fett and Palpatine on the other, in addition to the infantry. However, the modality is somewhat unbalanced: it is not fun when you are a simple Stormtrooper and face the strongest characters.starwarsbattlefront-modes-multiplayer-herois-viloes

There is also the Missions, which includes modes for one or two players. These are tutorials that help you understand the mechanics of the game and how to control the characters and vehicles. In addition to teaching the basic skills, the option also gives credits that can be used to unlock items. Over time, this mode ceases to be just a learning experience and becomes a challenge for those who want to break records. Survival mode stands out. If you want to play together, you need to have a friend online; EA Games has not added the option to find a random player who wants to share emotions. starwarsbattlefront-missoes


The game has simple gameplay and that does not favor those who have more skill. Shooting is easy, just point and click. You don’t have to worry about zooming in, controlling the weapon’s recoil, or stop running while firing – skills needed in more complex games like Battlefield. And even in the most even battles, available in Heroes vs Villains mode, the feeling is that the skill is not worth much: whoever presses the buttons faster will win.

It is possible to easily switch between the first and third person views, allowing the player to stay in the one that feels most comfortable or use each one at the most appropriate time.starwarsbattlefront-cena-gameplay-mission-4

Star Wars does not offer much more than the shooting. Disappoint the amount of weapons available. Although they are few, each one has a well-defined usage characteristic. There are blasters for short, medium and long distance combat. Oh, and they don’t carry – on the other hand, they heat up and need to be cooled if used intensively.

In addition, there is a unlockable cards, which guarantee additional equipment for the characters. They allow the use of grenades, sniper rifles, pistols and other accessories such as jetpacks and turrets. To get them, you need to buy with points delivered after the matches. In some games, some blue balls appear on the map and, when passing over them, the player temporarily wins a random card. For those just starting out, the game allows you to share your teammate’s deck of cards (this one is chosen at random).starwarsbattlefront-cena-gameplay-mission-3-person

Jets, ships, motorcycles and robots are also easy to control. With a little practice in the Missions section, it is possible to do some damage in matches. Vehicles, however, are not available in all game modes – only those where the maps get bigger. The system is very similar to Battlefield.


If the gameplay can become monotonous and tiring over time, the same cannot be said for graphics in Star Wars Battlefront. The lighting, textures, ambience and sound effects impress positively. The game is rich in details, both in the scenarios and in the characters and the visuals make us feel in one of the films of the series. There’s not much to say, you have to see:



Star Wars Battlefront it’s a fun game in the early hours. For anyone who is a fan of shooting games, however, there are many aspects in which he disappoints. Unbalanced battles, little variety of weapons and the ease of gameplay make the game repetitive. For fans of the saga, however, the theme, settings and characters should please. The same goes for novices in this style of play.