Game Review: Gran Turismo 5

Game Review: Gran Turismo 5

After more than 5 years in the incubator, the racing simulator Gran Turismo 5 finally showed up on November 24, 2010 …

After more than 5 years in the incubator, the racing simulator Gran Turismo 5 finally showed up on November 24, 2010. Along with the newly acquired Playstation 3, the purchase of this exclusive game for the Sony it was almost mandatory. Renowned series, perfect graphics, flood of automobiles, great gameplay: is it really all of that?

Before commenting on the game itself, I think it’s a good thing to talk about the whole pre-game process that Gran Turismo 5 require. In the initial settings of my PS3 I enabled the option to update a game automatically (if updates are available, of course), as soon as Blu-Ray is placed. In other games, the updates were 16 MB, 20 MB – simple and fast. THE Gran Turismo 5 already asks for a 608 MB update first of all (remember, if you don’t have the automatic update option enabled, you won’t experience this problem) that lasted a while. Update done, installed, time to play !? Not really – in my case at least. The game recommends that you install the game on the HD of Playstation 3 – an operation that uses 8 GB of memory and takes another 50 minutes (again, it is not necessary to install the game but, once installed, the game loads faster). Two hours later, everything is ready to play.

The opening already shows the reason for which the game came – a perfect video that shows a car factory (I admit that at first I thought it was all in CG but then you realize that it was captured images) and then shows the game, in time real, and all the beauty there. Night, day, sun, rain, snow, mountains, all climatic possibilities are present in the simulator. The graphics developed by Polyphony Digital, as expected, they are perfect – sometimes too much. The coolest thing about all this is that the game is also compatible with 3D televisions, raising the level of simulation (something I didn’t get to try because I don’t have a 3D TV – if someone qualifies, just send one and I’ll update the review). As everything is not perfect, the graphics have some grotesque flaws, given the level of production. What screams most in the eyes are the serrated shadows and the cardboard twist – but one can still mention the weird, but existing, car damage system.

In the home menu you will find 4 game modes: GT Mode (mode where you create a career, buy new cars, take driver’s licenses – the mode the game was made for), Arcade Mode (fun mode, no-obligation racing), Course Maker (where you create your own circuits, based on pre-selected models) and the Gran Turismo TV (really a TV channel just about the game – associated with Playstation Network). In addition to these, the game’s configuration, tutorial and save menus are also present on the home screen. The game was really designed for motorsport lovers and the number of configuration options, from your car to the routes, is absurd. By participating in the GT Mode and evolve your career, new car purchase options are appearing – the total number of cars in the game is 1031 vehicles of different brands, Lamborghinis and Bugattis being the novelties of this edition. The detailing of the cars is absurd – as I said earlier. Watch the video below:

Released in November 2010, this is a game that will always be a classic. For fans of arcade-style games (eg, Need for Speed), this game is not the best choice but it is worth playing – both for the visual beauty and the weight it has on the category. The game is a natural evolution of Gran Turismo 4, launched for Playstation 2, and few relevant additions have been added to the game system. The gameplay remains perfect and shows that the series remains the best and most versatile car simulator present in the gaming world.