Game Review: Meu malvado favorito: Minion Rush (iOS)

Game Review: Despicable Me: Minion Rush (iOS)

Game Review: Meu malvado favorito: Minion Rush (iOS)

Be the meanest minion of the year! Play Despicable Me: Minion Rush available for free for iOS and Android.

Game Review: Despicable Me: Minion Rush (iOS)

I confess that I still haven’t joined the fashion of mobile games. But I had no book and no wi-fi! There were only my smartphones of children. So, what to do? I could only surrender to the fever of Despicable me: Minion Rush. A game casual Made for iOs and Android that has been produced and is made available free through the Gameloft.

When the children showed me the game I thought: my God! What a silly game, chasing bananas? Where have you seen yourself?

Yeah … I started my experience on an iPhone 4S and then found myself at home downloading the game on Play and then on the iPad. And I am now at dawn trying to beat the record of my Facebook friends.

Who watched the movies My favorite evil and Despicable Me 2 know that minions are a show apart. It was not by chance that they became a fever in recent months on social media. The game translates exactly this atmosphere. Anyway, I love minions Yes… I already understood your love for minions, now talk more about the game. Oh yes, sorry:

Despicable me: minion rush

Introduction and objective

Well… the objective of the game is to be the Minion of the year. That is, to be the meanest of the year. To do this, you must do the greatest number of evil things, I mean, of possible points!

Minion Trophy of the Year

Wickedness: push other minions, win battles of Vector, Meena, El Macho, destroying objects, are some examples. Wickedness increases your wicked multiplier, which in turn increases your points.

Currencies and Facebook: you start with 50 coins and you currently earn 100 more coins if you connect to Facebook1. In addition, you can earn up to 05 coins daily, they appear in the races. Ahh, coins are also earned by unlocking achievements.

Bananas: collect the bananas! They increase your points and can still be redeemed at the store.

Missions: missions permanently increase their evil multiplier. You do not need to complete the missions in the order they appear.

Interface, graphics, gameplay and integration with social networks.

Well-made graphics, friendly and intuitive interface, easy gameplay. In the past, I would say that this was the recipe for success. Today I believe that it is not enough. What’s missing then? Integration with your social networks! With your friends! It is not enough to beat your record, it is important to beat the record of your Facebook friend! And the game does not disappoint in this regard! When you connect the game to your Facebook, it shows you the list of your friends who play and are synchronized with Face, in addition to their respective records. There is still the option to send challenges to acquaintances =). Loved it!


Um… are you sure it’s easy to play? Yes! Right at the beginning of the game, when you start running, instructions are given and you never know what to do. During the game, tips also appear. The hard thing is to beat the friends record and that makes the game more attractive, at least for me. I, for one, am trying to beat my friend Jansen’s record of only 1,305,544 points! Speaks seriously? It can only be a «cheater».Minion rush record and facebook

To not get sick

– There are weekly world championships.

– Even if you play repeatedly, the stages are not always the same.

– Addition of new phases. Recently the beach phase was added, which, by the way, I haven’t played yet.

– Records of Facebook friends to beat!

– Achievements to be achieved!


Minion Rush achievements

Cost X benefit

The game is about minions and it’s free, pelamordeus, what are you waiting for?

But don’t I spend anything on the game? Well, you can unlock additional content by buying bananas and tokens, but this is optional.

iOS vs. Android

I tested on both platforms. The performance of both is excellent.

I also tested the integration of the accounts. I started on Android and went to iOS: I lost everything, I had to start from scratch. But the reverse didn’t happen: I left iOS and went back to Android and synchronized beautifully in the cloud. It was probably bios1.


The music is good, it matches the game perfectly. The effects are also well done and the “talking” minions are awesome. And if you don’t like the music or the effects, you can disable both or just one of the two.

Initial video and gameplay



Minion Rush Gallery Teszte 10000

And have you ever played? Will play? Did you like the game? Tell us! If you don’t have the game yet, don’t waste any more time:

Minion RushApp Store - Minion RUsh

1The first time I played when connecting to Facebook I won 50 coins. ignorant bug operating the system. I probably made a little mistake ^ _ ^