Game Review: Candy Crush Saga

Game Review: Candy Crush Saga

If you have problems with addictions, stop reading this review. If you don’t have or really want to get addicted, here’s a novelty: the Candy Crush Saga game …


If you have problems with addictions, stop reading this review. If you don’t have or really want to get addicted, here’s a novelty: the game candy Crush Saga.

This review was suggested to me by Rodrigo Gosling (author of SMT) for some time. The problem is that the test became addictive and every time I decided to write, I discovered more news (with almost 2 months of daily gambling, I will still owe some explanations).

At first glance, I thought it was a typical girl game: all colorful, with a doll, music in an eternal loop (circus music style), happy faces when you win, sad faces when you lose … I thought: I’m going to kill the Rod for making me play this! But, for the love of “work”, I faced the game. A priori, I thought he would be like the Bejeweled, puzzle style game that you have a time to destroy pieces of the same color. I started playing desperately until I realized I didn’t have time, you just had to score a certain amount.

Very easy, I thought of my sweet innocence. I discovered that if you destroyed four pieces of the same color, you would create one with stripes that, when destroyed, erased all the pieces that were horizontal / vertical (depending on whether the stripes were horizontal or vertical). And if you destroyed five horizontally or vertically, you would create a super shiny ball that, choosing another one, for example blue, would blow up all the blue balls on the screen. And you still had the option of destroying three horizontally and three vertically of the same color: a candy was created that, when destroyed, would explode the pieces on the side (image above). You can still put these special pieces together, even if they are of different colors.


You can play without being connected to the internet. But, I recommend online mode. You link the game to your account Facebook and you can see the progress of your friends who also play. With these discoveries, the game became more and more interesting. But, be prepared: there are at least 200 levels. I thought about giving up «enough, I can write the review». But every time I reached a difficult stage, it would appear that a friend of mine from Facebook that had overcome it. «Why, if this creature managed to get through, so can I!» And it was thus, my dear readers, that addiction took over me.

Really, the game starts very easy, but it’s just the famous “warm”(To get used to playing). You will have phases in which you will have x time to make y points, others where you will have to destroy the gelatin (a block in which you will have to blow up the pieces three times on top of it) and also phases to knock down berries. There are still those that I consider to be practically impossible: the phases with chocolate and the phases with bombs. Chocolate is like a virus, if you don’t destroy it, it will increase until it is impracticable to play and the bombs have 9 movements to pop it, before it explodes and the game is over.

when their lives are over, you see how long it will take to receive one more (you can ask friends or buy); after passing the level, you

there is the ranking of those who scored the most in that phase (nothing like seeing yourself first to massage the ego (hehehe).

I’ve been playing for almost 2 months, every day, every possible moment. You start the game with 5 lives, earn a life every half hour and you can ask the friends who play for them to bring you life. Or you can buy (of course, someone had to earn some $$, right?). In fact, speaking of buying, you can buy from lives to more movements in the stage, black balls that blow up everything and other things to make life easier.

When my life ends on the tablet, I go to Facebook and, as addicted as I am, I’m still in phase 104. So, imagine the difficulty of the phases there. Whoever takes up the challenge will definitely spend a lot of time in Candy Crush Saga. And, when you least realize it, that boring little song will be missed in your life.

The game is available for free for Android (Play Store), on Facebook, on the developer page and also for the iOS (Itunes).