Game opens 8 new stores in Portugal this year

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The British group Game plans this year to increase its presence in Portugal to 24 stores, opening eight new spaces. The first Game store opened in the country in 2006 and since then the group has been betting on a gradual expansion that allows it to be in the main shopping centers in the country, creating notoriety for the brand.

Élio Vargem, the group’s marketing director for Portugal, says that the expansion in the national market is proceeding within the expected pace, although it is necessary to wait some time to be able to enter the busiest shopping centers in the country, thanks to the scarcity of spaces free.

In response to this question, the group has been betting on smaller shopping centers or new shopping centers, maintaining the pace of expansion that this year will result, at least, in the opening of eight stores, a number that may increase.

The presence in Portugal has been running according to the group’s expectations, which recalls the almost inexistence of a specialized retail video game market at the time of its entry into the country.

Today, Game competes mainly with the main non-specialized retailers, although it also already has some competition in the specialized retail area. Élio Vargem believes that in the next five to six years this will be a market with significant growth and ensures that Game’s intention is to lead it.

In the long term, the group intends to extend the current expansion strategy through its presence in shopping centers, shopping arcades and later street stores.

The Game Group is the largest specialized group in the United Kingdom in the field of video games, with a presence in several international markets and a strong commitment to strengthening these international presence. For this year, it plans to open 90 to 100 stores between Spain, Portugal, France and Australia. The four countries were defined as a priority in the group’s international strategy.

Cristina A. Ferreira

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