Game of Thrones sixth season gets new trailer full of new scenes

Sexta temporada de Game of Thrones ganha novo trailer repleto de cenas inéditas

The sixth season of Game of Thrones won its second trailer full of unpublished scenes that show how epic the series will return next April 24th.

Today, 11, the HBO released the second trailer of sixth season in game of Thrones, with several unpublished scenes and a little of what is to come this season. But Mr. Davos says that “The real war is between the dead and the living» and «the dead (finally) are coming”For this new season. If you haven’t seen the first trailer yet, see here.

In the trailer full of unpublished scenes we see what direction some cores of the series will take. The things in Castle Black are not calm, and the Mr. Davos and his men seem to protect the body from Jon Snow rebel patrolmen led by Alliser Thorne.

Sansa is safe from Ramsay Bolton and meets again with Pinky, with a desire for revenge against everyone who did harm to his family. Daenerys seems to be suffering at the hands of the tribe dothraki who captured her, but her dragons will not be chained. Tyrion Lannister intends to release the dragons, because according to him, “dragons do not get along well.«How does he know? He drinks … and he knows.

The Lannisters, led by Cersei, will seek revenge against the High Sparrow and his followers. In short, the sixth season of GoT, which already promised to be the most epic of all, is confirming more and more that it will leave fans waiting anxiously for each episode.

game of Thrones returns in its sixth season with unpublished episodes from April 24th, at HBO with simultaneous exhibition in the United States and Brazil.