Game of Thrones 6 × 06 “Blood of my Blood”

Game of Thrones 6x06 Blood of my Blood Margaery

Check out our review of Game of Thrones 6×06 «Blood of my Blood», episode of the sixth season of the HBO series that shows the war for the iron throne.

Game of Thrones 6x06 Blood of my Blood Margaery

Some say that the sixth episode of this season of game of Thrones it was the weakest, perhaps because it had no shocking scene, or no death. Even so, «Blood of my Blood”Was an important episode and despite the clichés, full of meaning.

As usual the text is filled with SPOILERS, proceed at your own risk.


The episode started with Meera Loading Bran and fleeing from the «Others», and when she no longer had the strength to continue, we were introduced to a «mysterious» knight who saved them from danger. The character is actually Benjen Stark, that was missing since the first season.

Uncle Benjen, as he is called by his northern nephews, was hit and left to die by a White Walker, when he was found by the children of the forest, who saved him with dragon glass, and he has since become the protector of the three-eyed Raven. , who is now Bran, his nephew.


Sam and Gilly they arrive at Monte Chifre, and inevitably, her father discovers that the girl is a savage, harassing and demeaning them both. Sam intended to leave her and little Sam in the care of his family while he proceeded to the Citadel where he will become a Maester.

Faced with his father’s attitude, he intends to flee the night and take Gilly and the baby, but not before taking his family’s sword, the Poison of Heart, one of the few made of Valyrian Steel. We already know that Sam has already killed a Walker, and Valyrian Steel is the only metal that can kill walkers, so this scene should make a lot of sense in the very near future.


Arya made a not so unexpected decision. Decided not to kill Lady Crane, which was his mission given by Jaqen H’ghar to her. The girl who was not «nobody» before, became Arya again, gave up on the mission, recovered her sword «Needle» and it seems that she must return to Westeros where the rest of her family is.

What she does not expect is that she will not escape easily, since the «blonde girl» goes after her, with permission to kill, without pain, at least. Will we see a meeting of all the Starks alive this season, or this Arya does not escape ?!

Run Arya! Run Arya!

Daenerys ended the episode with another emotional speech, where she states who she is, once again, promising Dothraki loyalty, if they follow her to Westeros to take the iron throne for themselves, and of course, mounted on her rebellious son Drogon, who was nearby.


Now coming out of the obvious, let’s move on to the episode’s twist.

This kid is managing to be more hateful than Joffrey This kid is managing to be more hateful than Joffrey

THE High Sparrow is with Margaery on the steps of the Sept, with all the militant faith speaking about the remission of the queen’s sins. The people are in the courtyard waiting for the walk of shame. Meanwhile Jaime and Mace Tyrell march with their troops to prevent this from happening.

What should happen? Confrontation, death, blood, a ransom? Very obvious for game of Thrones. Instead, there was no walk of shame, not even a confrontation. Margaery brought King Tommen into the Faith of the Seven, and for that, he redeemed himself. He will return home and the militant Faith now has political power and influence over the king.

The king’s first “real faith” act was to remove Jaime from the position of Lord Commander of the Royal Guard who will be sent to the Correrio, away from his family. With each episode the attitudes of the little and inexperienced king become even more despicable.

And finally, nothing more cool than seeing Aerys II Targaryen, The Mad King, and father of Daenerys in the visions of Bran:

Mad King

You can also see him ordering everyone to burn with a rocket, and Jaime stabbing him in the back. Event that practically marks the beginning of game of Thrones. Bran also saw Daenerys, their dragons, and bloody hands, possibly from Lyanna Stark giving birth to “Jon (Snow) Stark Targarien”.

Did you like this episode, and expect it to happen in the next?