game goes free and gets Battle Royale mode

Counter-strike: jogo se torna grátis e ganha modo Battle Royale

One of the most played multiplayer games in the world receives lots of news and good news for the gaming community

This week is full of news for one of the most popular multiplayer games in the digital world. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it becomes completely free and also receives a new mode Battle Royale called “Danger Zone”. There are many new features for the most successful game from Valve.

Counter-Strike free

Changing the game to mode “Free-to-play” it was very direct. The base game is now completely free, allowing players to have instant access to all game modes, matchmaking matches and a limited set of items that can be collected and weapon boxes. That is, everyone will be able to access the main parts of the game and participate in games with friends or other players.


However, for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans and enthusiasts, the game still has a paid version that costs around 30 reais at the Steam and that offers all the unique features of the game. When purchasing this version, the player gains the status «Prime», which allows placement in better matches and guarantees access to new items and weapon boxes.

Each player for themselves!

Such as Valve wants to keep the game updated and keeping up with the new fashions of the multiplayer game scene, Counter-Strike received the addition of a Battle Royale mode. However, this new modality – called «Danger Zone» – is a more modest addition compared to other giants of the genre like Fortnite and PUBG.


The maximum number of players in each match will vary between 16 to 18 members depending on whether you have entered alone or with a group of friends. The weapons will behave in the same way as in the other modes of the game, but you will need to search the scene for them and money – which you can use to buy more weapons and have them delivered right to your position on the map.


In addition, you can still earn money for use in the game by completing small special missions such as contracts and hostage rescue. Players will also have access to a tablet that can be used to track deliveries and the position of enemies. There are several details that promise to make each game unique, fun and challenging!

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