Game For Peace is the new name of the Chinese version of …

Game For Peace

If you are the type that gets lost among the multiple versions of PUBG Mobile released globally, don’t worry: you are not alone.

But Tencent decided to help us a little in this task since the Chinese version of PUBG for Android has changed its name: Game For Peace is the new game title known as PUBG Mobile Battlefield.

A very curious modification that also implies some modifications in the gameplay.

Game For Peace

Changing the name of PUBG for Game For Peace not only corresponds to an unusual rebranding task, but there is a major reason for it: Tencent will now be able to monetize its game in China.

The company had been waiting for more than a year for their game to receive benefits and now we find that all this time has been in vain.

Hence the dramatic change in the name and the theme itself: now we find ourselves facing a game of anti-war matrix, as its name exclaims to the four winds, which pays homage to the Chinese air force.

Game For Peace PUBG Mobile

Although at first glance the game looks like the same PUBG Mobile as always, in our gameplay we discovered a series of changes that modify the gaming experience.

The first thing we notice is that there is no blood whatsoever, since when we eliminate another person the doll kneels down giving us a box with his belongings and say goodbye.


Game For Peace Tencent

The blue zone has also changed its functioning and is now a type of area with little coverage.

The characters that are here do not lose life, but will reduce a signal bar.

If that bar reaches 0, we cannot continue playing, so it works in the same way as the life bar.

In this case, at all times we will have a countdown clock showing how long we can continue there.

To refill the bar you need to use batteries that appear scattered around the map.

Another curiosity of the game is when there are only five players left in the entire game.

Game For Peace shows us a message that leave the game if we wish.

A helicopter arrives to evacuate the survivors of the match, while the winner will receive a birthday cake.

The company took this new “pacifist” aspect of the game seriously.

Game For Peace PUBG

Tencent did everything possible to modify PUBG according to China’s new regulations, and Game For Peace is the result.

Users who have the game already installed will receive the update automatically, so don’t be alarmed by the change.

Although the changes could not be more curious, the truth is that the Battle Royale experience has just been modified.

On the Bloomberg portal, they point out that Tencent even asked for advice from China’s military recruitment unit during the development of this new version of the well-known battle royale.

PUBG Mobile Game for Peace

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