Game «Delayed ENEM 2015» makes a satire on the barred in the national exam

Game "Delayed ENEM 2015" membuat satire pada ujian nasional yang dilarang

The ENEM 2015 tests took place last weekend, and as every year, the media reported several cases of candidates who were late to the tests and ended up losing them. With this in mind, a Brazilian production company launched the game “Delayed ENEM 2015”, a satire on this situation.

Late in 2015, it is a casual game and has a very simple objective: players have to make their character reach the school gates before they close. In addition, they must not forget the registration form and the pen, but for that he will face some obstacles along the way. This is not a super elaborate game, but it can give you a few minutes of fun. The characters are simple drawings and the mechanics equally, just tap the screen to jump the obstacles that appear.


Don’t miss the race schedule! / © Google Play

To ensure even more fun, the game has a very interesting local multiplayer mode, where 2 players compete to see who gets there first. Just like in real life, the gates close at 1 pm.

It is worth downloading and having fun with this situation that is repeated every year, where several candidates arrive late and end up losing the ENEM test. Download the game from this link in the Play Store and then tell us what you think, ok?