Game Creaks is the newest release of Apple Arcade

Game Creaks is the newest release of Apple Arcade

Friday is a new day – both on Apple TV + and on Apple Arcade. The ball of the day, for gamers on duty, is the game Creaks!

Explore a mysterious mansion in this puzzle platformer. Solve puzzles as you progress through the levels, and complete mini-games for collectibles. @Amanita_DesignJogue Creaks:

The floor starts to shake, lamps break … and something quite unusual happens beyond the walls of your room. Equipped with nothing but your courage, you head to a world inhabited by avian beings and deadly furniture.

From the creators of Samorost and Machinarium, we present Creaks, a new adventure and puzzle game that entertains the senses with hand-painted scenery, precise animations, disturbing sounds and an eclectic and original soundtrack from the Hidden Orchestra. Proceed at your own pace, discovering the solutions to dozens of carefully crafted puzzles. Explore the mansion to find hidden paintings and reveal a big secret.

Check out the trailer below:

The creators recommend using a control / joystick and good headphones to enjoy the experience in the best possible way – remembering that Creaks is compatible with tvOS, that is, you can play on the big screen, sitting on the couch; obviously, you can have fun with the game on iPhones, iPads and Macs, too. ?

The game is available immediately to all Apple Arcade subscribers – there are more than 100 exclusive games for R $ 10 / US $ 5 / € 5 monthly, charged after the first month of free trials.

via MacRumors