Game Boy Micro debuts in Japan with orders above expectations

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Game Boy Micro, Nintendo’s new game console the size of a mobile phone, registered higher levels of demand on its debut day in the Japanese market, without surpassing the numbers obtained by Game Boy Advance SP, retailers say cited by Reuters.

Nintendo’s new console arrives in Japan a week before the start of commercialization in the United States and presents itself as the smallest game console in the world. It has a target audience of young adults between 25 and 35 years old, focusing on the female segment and occasional players.

«Orders are evolving favorably, especially in the very popular Famicon version,» said a spokesman for Yamada Denki, one of Japan’s leading consumer electronics chains. Micro is available in silver, red, black and blue, and has a limited edition inspired by the famous video game Famicon.

Micro will arrive in Europe on the 4th of November in silver, pink, green and blue with a recommended price of 99 euros.

Nintendo leads the handheld games industry with a 94 percent market share, and its main objective is to strengthen its position with Micro, which will face Sony’s PlayStation Portable.

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