Game ‘Batman – The Dark Knight Rises’ arrived today at the Brazilian App Store

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With a week late compared to the rest of the world (due to the premiere of the film of the same name, which only happens today in Brazil), the newest game from Gameloft has just become available on the national App Store: Batman the Dark Knight Rises.

For Batman fans, the game is mandatory. Quite different from the title of Electronic Arts (Batman Arkham City Lockdown, based on engine of Infinity Blade and because of that it pleases the movements), the Gameloft version allows the player to have total freedom with the character, combing the city of Gotham to find out what the criminals are trying to do with millionaire Bruce Wayne.

The dock used in the image is called iSuppli

And like all Gameloft works, the game is all adapted to the Portuguese, with menus in our language and captioned conversations. Very good. ?

Lots of fighting, excitement and fun in this game, especially with the possibility of equipping the character with weapons acquired with the credits generated in the game itself, according to his progress. It follows the story of the film, but also has extra missions to explore.

As many people complain about the format Freemium (free app with internal purchases), the title comes in a classic, complete format. In contrast, the price is also full.

The game Batman the Dark Knight Rises can be purchased on the App Store (link) for $ 6.99. It is in Universal format, which means that it adapts to both iPhone / iPod and iPad screens. Good fun! ?