“Gambazinho do Mato”: check out this beautiful Brazilian short film shot entirely on an iPhone 7

Art can come from anywhere, just a restless mind wanting to express itself and a blank canvas in front of you. When I say "blank screen", of course, I am using a metonym; this canvas can be a musical instrument, a piece of stone, a body, an empty shed or anything else possible and imaginable. Even an iPhone.

Of course, Apple (and especially Jony Ive, in his own words) will say that the iPhone itself is a work of art, but for me, at least it is much more interesting to expand the horizons than he, along with all other modern smartphones, brings to artists and aspiring artists around the world. Just look at, for example, filmmaker Sean Baker, who won the attention of the cinematographic world with his film "Tangerine", totally shot with three iPhones 5s, and now one of the main bets for the next Oscar with his new work, “The Florida Project” (still without a launch date in Brazil).

Moving from American lands to something closer to us, it would obviously be expected that Brazilian artists would also take advantage of the iPhone's skills for their own expression exercises. the case of the short “Gambazinho do Mato”gacho Lucas Franck (@lucasfranckbro, on Instagram).

Completely filmed with an iPhone 7 and edited in Final Cut Pro X, the short record of the homonymous project that took Children's Day to a community in the north of Porto Alegre (RS), with the right to food and drinks, gifts and games . I'm a long way from being a movie critic, but personally, I really liked Lucas' choice to focus whenever possible on the children's faces in this way, it is possible to feel their joy at all times of the short.

Lucas, congratulations on your work and more projects like this!