Galaxy X, a broken promise in Brazil

Samsung releases Android 4.1 for Galaxy X and Galaxy SIII

Google Discovery was the first blog to obtain information about the Galaxy Nexus coming to Brazil. At the time, the arrival of a Nexus device fueled the hope for quick updates, something much celebrated by Android enthusiasts.

However, with the name change to Galaxy X (until now a poorly explained situation), it made the device independent of the Nexus line and dependent on Samsung, leaving the South Korean manufacturer to make changes to the operating system and then make them available. users.

The Galaxy X, which today should be ready to receive Android 4.2, has still insured consumers in the outdated version 4.0.4. In a quick search on the website Reclame Aqui, there are already dozens of complaints made to Samsung and Google itself.

For some users, Samsung even issued a generic note: “We clarify that we do not yet have a forecast for updating the Software for your device model. We inform that when the update is made available, the Lord will receive a message through the OTA operating system. ”

To make matters worse, Samsung Brazil had promised – through its Twitter account – to update the Galaxy X to Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) in “mid-August”, something that was not fulfilled. The GD even demanded a position from the manufacturer during these months but there was no return, both in the SAC and in the press office.

Could Google Brazil take any action with respect to Samsung? With users unable to obtain new versions, the search engine should find ways to intervene or even assist Samsung in implementing the software for the Galaxy X.

Even without links to the sales and after-sales process, the problem directly affects the image of Google whose logo is printed on the back of the device, which makes the searcher as responsible as Samsung for offering a “broken promise” to consumers. Brazilians.