Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Watch 3 are the new anticipated leaks from Samsung's Unpacked event

Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Watch 3 are the new anticipated leaks from Samsung's Unpacked event

There are seldom surprises at Samsung's big product reveal events, and the next Unpacked, scheduled for August 5, promises to be no exception. Among official early revelations, there is the renewal of the foldable Galaxy Z Flip 5G, with the update of the Snapdragon 865+ processor, as well as the opening of pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 20. Now there are news about its line of tablets and smartwatches that should be made. part of its product line-up to be revealed at the event.

The Galaxy Tab S7 tablet, and its specifications and images, are already circulating on the internet, according to SamMobile. The range will receive an 11 inch model based on a 120 Hz LCD screen. Only the 12.4 inch model will have an AMOLED screen. However, both models can have the same hardware configuration, apparently the most powerful Snapdragon 865+ processors that the manufacturer seems to have embraced.

In alternative configurations, you can choose models with 5G, with the memory starting at 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. Also have a main camera of 13 MP, accompanied by an ultra wide angle of 5 MP at the rear. And just like the Galaxy Note 20, the tablet will be accompanied by a low-latency S-Pen. It should also be noted its cover with a larger keyboard, accompanied by a trackpad, so that users do not need to connect external peripherals to work.

Regarding the Galaxy Watch 3, the rumors point to some features inspired by Apple's smart watches, highlights XDA Developers. At issue is the user's fall arrest feature, the user starts playing for 60 seconds until he has a response. Otherwise, if the user has passed out, for example, he sends a text with his location and an audio message to emergency contacts. And optionally, it can be programmed to make an emergency call, after waiting for one minute.

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Other new features for the Galaxy Watch 3 include support for commands using hand gestures. To answer calls, when the smartphone rings, you only need to make a fist to answer or shake your hand to ignore the call. You can also take photos or record video through the camera control app on your smartwatch. And using gestures, you just need to fist your hand and then open it.