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Galaxy Tab A: what can we do with the S Pen on Samsung tablets?

Discover all the facilities that the S Pen brings to Samsung tablets.

The insertion of data in large screen devices such as tablets is an experience that can and should be improved for the best use of the devices. THE Samsung offers a differentiator for your tablet line Galaxy Tab A, that compatibility with the known S Pen. The stylus is very physically similar to a ballpoint pen and its main objective is the ease of inserting content, in addition to improving the quality of the lines on the screen.

THE S Pen offers a wide range of possibilities for use, and so that its consumer has access to all the essential information for the best use of its products, the Samsung offers a pre and after sales platform, Samsung Care. In it, it is possible to find several tips and tricks on the most varied types of devices and devices of the company, always with the intention of helping customers to know their products better and better.

S pen and its features

One of the main uses of S Pen without a doubt, the creation of texts and messages. As the user can use it as a regular pen, the control of the lines becomes more precise and quick, thus facilitating the annotations on the device's screen. It ends up becoming an ideal option to insert quick reminders and even write down contacts saving you more time than depending on the digital keyboard.

To further facilitate this use, the Samsung offers its application, Samsung Notes. It is practically a notes application that allows the efficient creation, editing and control of content insertion on the tablet. The user has the possibility to create, in addition to text messages, some graphics, drawings, edit photos, voice notes and even personalize notes.

s pen

Another very useful function of S Pen sharing content. With its precise touch on the screen, it is able to speed up this sharing, in addition to being able to produce some extra content, such as creating a 15-second .gif file from a video, without much effort.

Paintings and text translation

THE S Pen It is a great tool to aid translation of texts or words. During a reading, the user will be able to select a word or phrase with the digital pen and thus obtain instant translation into another language, in addition to the correct pronunciation of the term. It also allows, during a reading, the user can do a search by word or term within the entire content with its search feature.

Despite all the features and facilities, the S Pen it also brings an extra option of fun and entertainment to the tablet. With it you can create drawings and paintings in a simple and interesting way. The user will experience the possibility of making free-form drawings, with different brush options for different types of strokes.

A tip for those who like drawings, the Sketchbook for Galaxy app. It offers a professional design platform even for those who use artistic projects, but of course, it becomes an ideal tool for simpler and more practical designs as well. When installing the application it will show a blank canvas for the insertion of the lines of the drawing and some options at the top of the canvas such as the type of brush used, the colors chosen and even layers.

Ease of use

So, with the S Pen, we have a very easy and instinctive way to use our Galaxy Tab or Galaxy Note. With the smart tool, you can have fun and work in a much more practical and easy way. But what about you, readers? Have you used an S Pen? Did you like the experience? Tell us in the comments!