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Galaxy SIII with over 10 Million Sales

Galaxy s3

Samsung's most powerful handset came to market recently with super-updated Android, the most powerful configuration on the market and a lot of internet advertising. The Korean company is betting high on its product, and the result is already quite positive. According to the president of the IT and mobile communications division, there have already been more than ten million Galaxy S III handsets sold worldwide either dual-core in the United States or quad-core in the rest of the planet. The number impresses even analysts, who already expected this number of sales, but not so recently.

The smartphone that is already available on major mobile carriers in the United States, also arrived in Brazil a few days ago and is already sold out in many stores due to high demand. It is estimated that around 190,000 Galaxys S IIIs are sold every day, a good chunk of the daily activated Androids.

Its main competitor, the iPhone 4S, is having a noticeable drop in sales due to rumors that within two months Apple will announce and launch the next generation of its smartphone, with a larger screen, new design and iOS 6.