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Galaxy S9 loses resale value 2x faster than iPhone X

In the eternal dispute between iPhones and Android devices, a positive point always highlighted by those who side with Ma: the resale value top of Apple smartphones. Now the seller of used appliances Bank my cell proved this point with the numbers of his most recent research.

The company has surveyed the average resale price of some popular smartphones and found that as an investment and aftermarket, iPhones are still worth more than their Android counterparts.

The most notable case: the iPhone X loses about 30% of its value after nine months of use ($ 1,000 at purchase; $ 690 nine months later).

O Galaxy S9, in turn, loses almost twice that 60%, going from the original $ 730 to $ 290 in the same period. In fact, Samsung devices lose the most resale value with time to use: with only one month of use, the S9 already loses over 41% of its average resale value.

Loss of resale value of Galaxy S9 over time, Bank My Cell

IPhones, in turn, often lose their resale value at a much slower rate. Bank My Cell gives some tips: The period when phones tend to fall in value faster soon after an event announcing new iPhones so it's not a good idea to sell your used iPhone between October and December. In January, however, this figure is usually stable and even slightly higher; It's the beginning of the year, so it's the best time to resell your Ma smartphone.

Loss of resale value of iPhones over time, Bank My Cell

The study was done in the United States, but still, the Brazilian scenario should not be very different from that (percentage speaking). Of course, resale value is just one factor among many to consider when choosing your next smartphone. If you intend to take good care of it to resell it within a year or two, however, it is good to have a notion of these numbers.

via iClarified