Galaxy S8 arrives equipped with Bluetooth 5.0; see the advantages of this new verse

The launch of Galaxy S8 It brought a lot of news to Samsung's most powerful line of smartphones, including a new generation of Bluetooth, 5.0. In addition to the Samsung handset, the Sony Xperia ZX Premium also includes this wireless technology.

What are the benefits of Bluetooth 5.0 and the evolution of technology over the years?

In essence there are notable evolutions of bluetooth in version 5.0. Compared to its predecessor technology, it achieves twice the speed, 4x more range and up to 8x more data can be sent. The technology in version 5.0 no longer bears the designation "LE" (Low Energy) as in previous versions because its level of consumption will be low even when operating at high capacity and distance.

Samsung launches Galaxy S8, handset arrives on April 21

This evolution has important advantages. Increased data sending capabilities will enable better coexistence and interaction between multiple devices. The higher bandwidth will enable higher codecs and higher quality in speakers and headphones, for example.

The Bluetooth 5.0 of the Galaxy S8 and Xperia ZX Premium needs to be connected to a device with the same technology to take advantage of these technical developments of the new version. If you are connecting to a previous technology within the Bluetooth standard, you will be able to make the connection, but the speed and quality of data transmission will be limited by the device operating on the older version.

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