Galaxy S7 fingerprint reader should get smarter in Nougat

Galaxy S7 fingerprint reader should get smarter in Nougat

More news about Android Nougat running on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge comes through the testing program of the previous version of Samsung software. We now know that the South Korean manufacturer, as well as Google, will be able to add more functions to the fingerprint reader.

A response from the support team sent to a user who is part of the Samsung Beta Test Program reports that the company is working to optimize functionality for the Galaxy S7 biometric sensor. In addition, I can suggest that they could be similar to Google's flagships, Pixel and Pixel XL.

Thus, to open or hide the notification bar simply slide up or down on the sensor (clear). However, we do not have an example of this yet, as even those who are already using the new version of the operating system on the S7 and S7 Edge have not received such features.

beta samsung nougat sensor
Support staff say they are working to optimize the S7 / SamMobile biometric sensor; AndroidPIT

As I mentioned in other articles, it was high time for Android to bring extra functionality to the fingerprint reader. If you think about the screen diagonal size of smartphones sold today, optimizing the biometric sensor would make the user experience richer.

Just as we have not yet had this feature available in Samsung's testing program, we have not yet confirmed the date the company expects to release the update. It's December 20th, and due to the holidays, I find it very difficult for Samsung to release the OTA update later in 2016.

What are the extra functions your phone has on the biometric sensor? Do you use third party applications to optimize this feature?

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