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Galaxy S4 with Android Lollipop – Problems and Solutions

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy s4 lollipop
Android Lollipop may bring some problems for your Galaxy S4. See here the solutions. / ANDROIDPIT

1. The blocked contacts app

This is one of the most common issues with the new update. If the message arrives the contacts no longer work, it is best to eliminate the application cache memory. To do this, just go to Settings > More> Application Manager> All. There you find Contacts and click on it. A window with application information appears, where the option will be Clear Cache. If the problem still persists, try erasing the application data.

Obviously, this solution fits any application lock.

Galaxy S4 contacts
Troubleshoot deadlocks by clearing the cache. / ANDROIDPIT

2. The service stop working

If an error message appears stating that the stopped, you can solve the problem by Settings > More> Application Manager. Then just click the menu button (below left) and select Reset app preferences.

Galaxy S4 Applications
This method does not delete application data. / ANDROIDPIT

It is also advisable to enter Safe Mode to find out if the error also recurs. In it are only applications that arrive in series with the device. That way we can find out if the system problem comes from a third party app. If the error message does not appear in Safe Mode, then we should check the applications we recently installed. It is best to uninstall them one by one to see if the problem persists.

Of course, if the problem hits many users, Samsung will launch a patch to solve it.

androidpit samsung galaxy s4 cache 3
You can access recovery mode by simultaneously clicking (with the power off) the Volume up + Home + On / Off. / ANDROIDPIT

3. Loss of battery

Another of the most common issues after performing the upgrade. Usually excessive battery loss usually occurs during the first few days after the update, and then the device returns to normal. If this is not your case, you can try various solutions, such as turning off the Galaxy S4 and turning it back on after 5 minutes.

You can also go to Settings > Application Manager and proving which applications are consuming RAM, and in Settings > Battery, to check which ones are overcharging the battery. This way we will know if the system or application problem.

androidpit samsung galaxy s4 cache 1
In Recovery Mode we can wipe the cache partition. / ANDROIDPIT

If this does not help, restart the device in Recovery Mode (with S4 off, click on volume up button + Home + power button) and delete the cache partition via the wipe cache partition option. If the problem persists, you will have to take drastic action. Yes, we are talking about a data restore, but not without backing up your data first!

You can perform a factory restore from Recovery Mode or from the menu. Settings > Accounts> Backup & Restore.

4. Delay and slow app launch

It is also quite common for the device not to function smoothly after an upgrade. We can try to turn it off and remove the battery for 30 seconds. This is sometimes enough for the problem to go away. However, if delays persist, it is best to make a wipe from the cache partition. Once again, let's go to Recovery Mode (we turn off S4 and turn it on by clicking at the same time on volume up button + Home + power button). Once inside the menu, simply select wipe cache partition.

Galaxy S4 animation
In the developer options we can find the animation scales. / ANDROIDPIT

Other tricks to avoid the lags And getting Galaxy S4 to improve its performance is, for example, disabling window animation, transition and animation duration from Developer Options. To enable them, go to Settings > About the device and click the build number several times.

It is also advisable to disable direct access to S Voice from the start button. It often causes a delay because the system always waits a moment to see if we want to open S Voice. To disable this option, open S Voice and click the menu button. You will find the option Open with the start screen.

galaxy s4 svoice
Direct access to S Voice creates some delay. / ANDROIDPIT

5. The keyboard disappears

Many users have commented that one of the problems with updating is the disappearance of the keyboard while writing a message. A possible solution can be found at Settings > More> Application Manager> Running. Locate the Samsung keyboard to check for any error messages. If so, you can download an alternate keyboard app. We highly recommend SwiftKey.

Galaxy S4 keyboard
Locating the native keyboard app. / ANDROIDPIT

SwiftKey Keyboard
Install on Google Play

6. Problems with Wi-Fi Connection

Another usual problem after an update. To solve this error we have a series of simple processes: disconnect and reconnect the Wi-Fi connection several times, enter Airplane mode for a moment, forget the connections (and add them again), restart the router, disable Smart Network, etc.

Galaxy S4 wifi
In the advanced settings we will find how to improve our Wi-Fi connection. / ANDROIDPIT

7. Problems with Bluetooth

Also quite common and without any precise solution so far. It is best to turn Bluetooth off and on again. Sometimes the solutions are in the simplest action. If this does not work, you will also disable and re-enable pairing with your Bluetooth devices.

8. Overheating Problems

Some Galaxy S4 users say they have overheating problems after the upgrade. The newsroom device running Lollipop did not present this problem. If your S4, just remove the battery and microSD card and insert them again. At the moment, this is the only solution for eventual overheating, and can be a nuisance for those who use external memory a lot.

Did your Galaxy S4 running with Lollipop have any of these problems? Tell us your impressions in the comments below!

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