Galaxy S4 new features will come to Galaxy S3

Galaxy S4 new features will come to Galaxy S3

Samsung did not skimp on features in the Galaxy S4, smooth or hardware as it brought two CPU versions to pack its new flagship. Yesterday we had a mega – and time – consuming show of the device and, later in the evening, we found that the device will sell for $ 2,399 on 3G and $ 2,499 on 4G. However, Many owners of the Galaxy S3 are wondering if it's really worth replacing the predecessor with the newer version. Apparently not, as Sammy has already announced that the software will be adapted to the GS3.

samsung galaxy s4 new quick settings
New GS4 functions can reach GS3 after operating system update./ AndroidPIT

According to Unwiredview, Samsung has deep intentions to bring many of the new software features found in the new device to the Galaxy S III. But of course the lack of hardware support will be a deterrent to some of them, so don't expect your Galaxy S III to turn into a TV remote – as the lack of IR Blaster makes it physically impossible.

In addition, the idea of ​​bringing the new features will not only apply to the Galaxy S 3, but also to "the flagship devices" of the manufacturer. This way, the Galaxy Note 2 would also come into the wheel to receive the same improvements.

The announce came Nick DiCarlo, vice president of portfolio planning at Samsung, who spoke with PCMag. New software features can be expected along with the Android 4.2 update, which runs on the Galaxy S4:

All we can do that does not depend on hardware such as IR, we will surely bring it to all flagship devices.

One thing for sure, just as Samsung brought the new Note 2 features to other devices in the line, so does the Galaxy S4. So if you have a Galaxy S3 or even Note 2, do not rush to switch phones, as you will be upgrading your smartphone as soon as you upgrade to Android 4.2. But remember, there is always a hardware difference and therefore a limitation.

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