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Galaxy S10e: is it worth buying in 2020? find it out

The Galaxy S10e has the best of the Galaxy S10 and S10 + for a more affordable price, but is it still a good buy for 2020? Find out in this 10-month review

After almost ten months of its arrival in Brazil, the Galaxy S10e it can already be found at much lower prices than some premium intermediaries. Although it is the cheapest and most modest in the line Galaxy S10, the model attracts by offering everything that the bigger brothers have of more importance, in a cost and size more comfortable to the pocket.

To help you find out if the Galaxy S10e remains a good buy in 2020, we revisit the model nine months later and evaluate its most important aspects. Next, check out how the smartphone from Samsung performed in our analysis:

Design and canvas

Galaxy S10e, front, in handsThe Galaxy S10e brings the same level of refinement as the other models in the line

Although the trend is increasingly large screens, the Galaxy S10e was acclaimed for being one of the few current models with top-of-the-line hardware and compact size. Of similar dimensions to the iPhone X and smaller than Galaxy S9, the device brings with it a 5.8 inch screen, with Full HD + resolution and the same protection against water and dust seen in the other members of the line.

In practice, everything is not identical to S10 and S10 +, since the lower resolution and screen of the Galaxy S10e does not bring those curves that invade the side. Although it is simpler, some say that he even prefers this type of display, since he does not suffer from color distortions and accidental touches generated by the curvature.

Still at the front, it is important to mention that the technologies highlighted in the line Galaxy S10, like the AMOLED Dynamic and support for the standard HDR10, which promise greater color accuracy and brilliance, are still present. Also, contrary to what happened with the iPhone XR with respect to X, the edges of the S10e they are not thicker.

Galaxy S10e right sideThe right side of the smartphone dominated by the volume buttons and Bixby key

Moving from side to side it is possible to find another distinction of the model: the fingerprint reader. Although less sophisticated than the ultrasonic sensor found under the models' screen Galaxy S10 and S10 +, the reader of S10e faster and, according to some, more practical also, since it also serves to pull the notification bar.

In our tests, digital unlocking on the Galaxy S10e really showed much faster that we get bigger. practically immediate.

Galaxy S10e, rearIn white and yellow, the back cover has a pearl finish, which changes color according to the incidence of light

At the rear the Galaxy S10e continues to show that he owes nothing to the rest of the line. Available in black, blue, white and yellow (the latter has a very nice polarized finish), it has lines more rounded that we go bigger.

Looking more closely at the cameras, it is possible to notice the absence of heart rate sensor and the presence of only two cameras, instead of the three, but this topic will be pointed out later.

Hardware and performance

The processor used in the S10 and the Exynos 9820, manufactured by Samsung itself

As stated above, the Galaxy S10e , if not the only one, one of the few models available in Brazil to bring a top of the line hardware and a screen below 6 inches. When opening the list of specifications, we found a pocket rocket with power to spare and which should not show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The company's own manufacturing processor Samsung (Exynos 9820) has eight cores processing, which can reach 2.7GHz speed, and the GPU (a Mali-G76 MP12) capable of running any game from the Play Store without crashes. At this point, the Galaxy S10e it even has an advantage over other line tops, since its lower screen resolution facilitates image processing, in addition to making it consume less energy, without the user having to configure it for that.

The entire S10 line has plenty of power to run any games and applications without major difficultiesThe entire S10 line has plenty of power to run any games and applications without major difficulties

Like the chipset, the 128GB storage and 6GB RAM memory is more than enough in everyday use. However, if you really like to record videos in 4K, have thousands of photos and hundreds of applications, it is possible that you need a microSD card: o Galaxy S10e supports up to memory cards 2TB, but I need to choose between using the card or using more than one carrier chip.

With regard to the rest of the list of specifications, the S10e count with Bluetooth 5.0; GPS with A-GPS, BDS and GLONASS; NFC; Dual-band Wi-Fi in patterns a / b / g / n / ac / ax and the usual sensors: proximity sensor, light sensor, barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and magnetometer.

Software and resources

O Galaxy S10e was released with the Android 9 Pie, but the Brazilian model is already among those that received an update to the Android 10. The interface launched this year by Samsung, a One UI 2.0, also received changes that made it even better.

With a colorful and highly customizable look, the One UI 2.0 completely modifies the Android experience, but without leaving the device with dragged performance, as the old interfaces did. In addition to agility, another positive aspect of the skin is its visual consistency, which makes the functions and applications of the smartphone easier to use, in addition to pleasing the eyes.

In November 2019 the top of the line Samsung received Android 10, check the news of the update

Regarding the resources offered in the system, it is important to mention that the Galaxy S10e brings practically everything that was announced on the line, including the payment system Samsung Pay it's the Samsung DeX, which allows you to use your smartphone as a desktop computer by connecting it to a monitor, mouse and keyboard.

The only function left out of the S10e were the sensors of heartbeat and blood oxygenation, which appear to be disappearing from the tops of the manufacturer's line as a whole.


Galaxy S10e, camerasDid you notice the absence of one of the cameras? the zoom camera, which is not included in the device

The fact that Galaxy S10e using the same set of hardware and the same cameras as the bigger brothers are two of its main attractions. In the front camera we have the same 10MP sensor in the other models, while in the rear the set is also the same, except for the zoom camera that is not present.

Despite the less camera, the good thing is that the quality has not been affected in any way. Of course, in zoomed photos, the device uses digital zoom instead of the optical, which will impair image quality. However, in the photos with the main and wide angle cameras, beyond selfies, the result is always the same as the larger models.

In general, photos and selfies on Galaxy S10e come out with excellent levels of contrast and color, thanks to HDR very efficient. Even at angles where light, in principle, does not favor, the smartphone knows how to distinguish what is light from what is dark and leaves the photos very dramatic, especially if the user uses the “scene optimizer” feature.

J in the pictures with the portrait modeThe distinction of what is the background and what the object to be photographed is also convincing, in addition to allowing the user to change the blur after taking the photo.

However, despite the praise, just darken a little that the performance of the cameras drops a lot, and although the Samsung already offer one night mode, including for the front camera, he is not as competent as seen in Google Pixel or on the new smartphones from Huawei.