Galaxy Note10 + battery is put to the test against the iPhone XS Max

Samsung launched its new top-of-the-line smartphones, the Note10 Galaxies and 10+at the beginning of last month; since then, the flagship of the South Korean giant was put to the test in several tests, including one of resistance and one of speed – always in comparison, of course, with the iPhone XS Max.

This time, the staff PhoneBuff touched the wound of iPhones users by comparing the battery of the Galaxy Note10 + with that of the Apple’s 6.5-inch smartphone (which, although better than other iPhones, still has its weaknesses). Well … the Galaxy Note 10+ won handily, leaving the iPhone XS Max to see ships.

The iPhone XS Max has a battery of 3,174mAh, while the Galaxy Note10 + has monstrous 4,300mAh. So much capacity feeds, gadget from Samsung, a 6.8-inch AMOLED screen with a 3040 × 1440 pixel resolution, while the iPhone has a 6.5-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2688 × 1242 pixels.

Specifications for iPhone XS Max and Galaxy Note10 +

The comparison starts with the simulation of some basic tasks, such as calls, messages and emails. Each of the tests lasts one hour, and on all Galaxy Note10 + finished with a percentage of battery remaining higher than the iPhone XS Max.

This difference between the remaining battery capacity increases even more between the two devices in tests involving web browsing, including when using Instagram, in which the Galaxy Note10 + ended the test with 10% more capacity than the iPhone.

Not even in standby the iPhone manages to beat the competitor, waking up after 16 hours with 42% battery, while the Note10 + had 50% battery remaining.

The final part of the test included the streaming of videos on YouTube, an hour of play, browsing Google Maps and playing music on Spotify, with the iPhone dying as soon as Spotify was opened. The Note10 + not only managed to win an hour of music playback, but also worked for another three minutes of intense use on Snapchat.

We will see if the next generation of iPhones will be a match for the Galaxy Note10 + in future tests – in case Apple decides to surprise us with something bombastic – there are some indications that the batteries of the next models will be better than those of the current line, but in the case of Apple …

via iPhone in Canada