Galaxy Nexus will be launched in Brazil

New Galaxy Nexus on the way?

Now it’s confirmed: Samsung plans to bring the new Galaxy Nexus, developed in partnership with Google, to the Brazilian market in the first quarter of 2012.

Although the Nexus S was previously approved by Anatel, the Galaxy Nexus will be the first device in the Nexus line to actually land in the country for commercialization.

A report obtained by Google Discovery, a few weeks ago, revealed that the Korean manufacturer had the device involved in internal discussions and defined its launch as a priority for the Brazilian market.

This week, without offering much detail, Google Brazil put up a Portuguese hot site for the new product, a very favorable indication that something was really going on.

Launched on October 19th, the Galaxy Nexus was designed to be the first smartphone to be equipped with Android 4.0 version, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

It also features an ultra-thin design, curved 4.65-inch display with HD Super AMOLED (720p) technology and emerges as the first Android without buttons on its front.

Samsung, however, has not released an official release date.

Via: Tecnoblog