Galaxy Nexus may be on its way to Brazil

New Galaxy Nexus on the way?

It is still too early for a launch forecast but a report obtained by Google Discovery, exclusively, reveals that Samsung would already be discussing ways to bring the new Galaxy Nexus, launched last Wednesday, to Brazil.

According to a source close to the South Korean manufacturer, the Brazilian market has proved to be increasingly strategic for the company, being one of the main stages, in recent months, of early launches, as happened with the Galaxy SII.

Regarding Nexus Telecomunicações, which would have an injunction that prohibits the use of the “Nexus” brand in Brazil, he says that the company has all the necessary defense for its use. «Nexus is a brand that belongs to Google globally,» he said.

The source also recalled that the injunction was not the reason that prevented the Nexus S. from coming. “Samsung decided not to bring the Nexus S for commercial reasons. The injunction did not exist at the time. The decision not to bring the product was not made for that reason ”.

Sought by Google Discovery, Samsung’s press office said, in an official note, that there is no forecast for the commercialization of the Galaxy Nexus here.

Update 27/10: The Galaxy Nexus promotional website has been updated to Brazilian Portuguese.