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Galaxy Home Mini pre-release video teases Apple

A new published video shows the Galaxy Home Mini, a smart speaker that competes directly with Amazon Echo Mini with Alexa, Apple Home Pod and Google Home Nest Mini. The exact source of the video is not known, but it shows a very funny function of Bixby, Samsung's voice assistant. The short teaser shows only the sentence "At least I'm better than Siri", in free translation, provoking the Apple assistant.

Official Samsung Galaxy Home website

The launch event for Samsung's new products, with emphasis on the Galaxy S20, be today, February 11th (We will be covering the event live on our YouTube channel at 3:30 pm). Even with Samsung Unpacked happening in a few hours, there are still some leaks of news. Now it was the turn of Samsung's Smart Speaker, or smart speaker, to appear.

Some features have already been confirmed by the XDADevelopers forum. One of them IR Remote, which indicates that it will be possible to control different electronics in your home, which are usually done by remote control, just by voice command. Some examples may be the TV and the air conditioning.

The website also reveals that range of up to 10 meters. This is because it is necessary to emit an infrared to make the equipment work. Then, devices that are within that radius can be controlled. The system also works best if you are outdoors, without many barriers, reaching even greater distances.

The image above reveals some of the possible different configurations. In addition to the IR Remote, it is also possible change Bixby's voice style. This is only available for US English, it is possible that the same functionality is not available for other languages.


Launch of competitor Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod would be closer than ever

Another possibility to connect the Galaxy Home Mini with the home audio system, even if they are other smart speakers, from different brands. Thus, it will be possible to connect to several rooms, so that all environments are as desired audio, or even program for some specific environments. To use this functionality it is necessary that the equipment is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

More information about the Galaxy Home Mini features is expected to be revealed at today's event, February 11th. According to speculation, it should reach the market for about $ 99, approximately R $ 426 in direct conversion, a value similar to that of its competitors. To stay informed about Samsung launches, follow our live today, 11th, 15:30, on our YouTube channel.

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