Galaxy Fold Special Edition is expected to be the cheapest folding smartphone in the world

Galaxy Fold Special Edition is expected to be the cheapest folding smartphone in the world

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold Special Edition should arrive in July with the original Galaxy Fold screen and Galaxy S20 processor

Last Tuesday (12) Max Weinbach, a famous leaker known for revealing several new features in the smartphones before the official launch, released the first rumors about what we can expect from a device he called Galaxy Fold Lite – a cheaper version of the first foldable smartphone gives Samsung.

Weinbach makes it clear that the information he released is not leaks (ie information that has already been confirmed but has not yet been publicly released by companies), but rumors that he was able to ascertain from his sources within Samsung, and so it is possible that many things will change until the official disclosure.

Galaxy Fold Special Edition is the most likely name

But, before we talk about the rumors revealed by Max, this Wednesday (13) a tweet from Ross Young, founder and CEO of DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants), stated that the official name of this device whose existence was revealed by Weinbach will be Galaxy Fold Special Edition.

According Young, the device has the same design as the Galaxy Fold, and be an attempt by Samsung to end stocks of his first foldable smartphone before the launch of the Galaxy Fold 2.

As CEO of DSCC (consulting firm specializing in connecting companies that manufacture electronic screens with companies that need these screens in their products), Young has privileged knowledge of many of the smartphones which are being developed by the most diverse brands, and for this reason the information that is revealed by him is usually always real.

The cheapest foldable smartphone in the world

According to rumors of Weinbach, O Galaxy Fold Special Edition use a mix of parts from Galaxy Fold (released in 2019) and newer devices from Samsung.

The outer housing of the device must be made of a mixture of aluminum and glass, while the interior uses a flexible OLED screen (equal to the Galaxy Fold), and not the new UTG screen technology that Samsung used in Galaxy Z Flip.

Another point that the Galaxy Fold Special Edition disadvantage is the storage capacity of only 256 GB (half of the 512 GB present in the Galaxy Fold) and the lack of support for 5G networks, something that is already the standard of devices that will be in the same price range.

Despite this, the Galaxy Fold Special Edition use the processor Snapdragon 865 gives Qualcomm, which is currently the most powerful of the company and can also be found in the line devices Galaxy S20. This means that, in processing power, the new device from Samsung be better than the Galaxy Fold original.

As for the price, Weinbach stated that the device should reach the market for a value of $ 1099 (equivalent to R $ 6,510 current quote), which would make it the smartphone with the world's cheapest folding screen. This price was also confirmed by Ross Young, which means that this is very likely to be the final price practiced by Samsung almost half of $ 1980 charged by Galaxy Fold at the time of the launch, which arrived in Brazil at R $ 12,999.

Galaxy FoldGalaxy Fold Special Edition use the same design and the same screen as the Galaxy Fold, but have a more current processor (Image: Samsung)

Regarding availability, Weinbach stated that the Galaxy Fold Special Edition be made available to the world in the colors Mirror Black (black) and Mirror Purple (purple). Young confirmed that the device will be launched worldwide, but also revealed that, since it is a special edition, the Samsung make only about 55 thousand units available for sale, which can cause the stock to run out quickly after the official announcement.

As for the launch forecast, Young believes that it should take place in July this year – one month before the launch scheduled for the Galaxy Fold 2. For now, all of this information is still rumored, but if it is correct it is possible that it will be confirmed by Samsung already in the coming weeks.

Source: Max Weinbach and Ross Young Twitter profiles