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Galaxy Fold 2: everything we know about Samsung's next foldable smartphone

Rumors indicate that the Galaxy Fold 2 may be launched later this year

Although the smartphone market is at a difficult time due to the pandemic of COVID-19, which has caused sales to drop and has prevented many factories from operating, rumors of new devices continue to ramp up, and the latest refers to what could be the next major launch of the Samsung: O Galaxy Fold 2.

Even with the problems found in the first model – which forced the Samsung to re-launch it with several corrections – and at a very high price (R $ 12,999 at the time of launch), the Galaxy Fold was well received by those who became some of the first to adopt smartphone technology with foldable screen, and the expectation that the Galaxy Fold 2 bring several improvements over the original model.

Therefore, we will make here an overview of all the main rumors about the new smartphone foldable Samsung – remembering only that these are rumors, that none of this information has been officially confirmed by the company, and that much can still change until the official launch.

Galaxy Fold 2 design

galaxy fold 2Galaxy Fold 2 render created from the most recent leaks (Imagen: Ben Geskin)

Although some older rumors raised the possibility that the Galaxy Fold 2 would have the folding mechanism similar to that of the RAZR (released in 2019 by Motorola), the most recent rumors deny this possibility, stating that the new Fold should have the same functioning as the original model, with a vertical fold as in the case of Galaxy Fold.

Other rumors about the device's design indicate that the Samsung must maintain the same inspiration policy: as the Galaxy Fold was very inspired by Galaxy S10 (mainly in terms of cameras), the Fold 2 should be inspired a lot by Galaxy S20. Thus, it is expected that the device will present a screen Infinity V (that is, without edges) without the presence of notch, only with the hole where the front camera will be installed.

Galaxy Fold 2 specifications

How should you maintain the same standard as we saw in the original, the Galaxy Fold 2 It should also have two separate screens: an external one, which can be used to perform all the simplest tasks on a cell phone (such as making calls or answering messages), and an internal one (which must be deployed) where the user can perform the most complex tasks. complex with maximum quality (like watching videos or using more than one app at the same time).

According to information released by Ross Young, founder and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (company specializing in solutions for supply chains for products that use screens), the larger screen will have a refresh rate of 120 Hz (equal to the Galaxy S20), while the smaller screen will have a maximum update of 60 Hz. The larger screen should also have 7.59 (almost 20 cm) and a resolution of 2213 x 1689 pixels. Meanwhile, the smaller screen should have 6.23 (much larger than the one on the Fold original, which had only 4.6) and a resolution of 2267 x 819 pixels.

As for cameras, the Galaxy Fold 2 should bring the same configuration as Galaxy S20, this according to Max Weinbach (known leaker of Twitter and who writes for the website XDA Developers). Thus, we can expect the device to have a 10 MP front camera and four lenses on the back, a 12 MP wide-angle, a 64 MP telephoto lens, a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle and a sensor ToF (used to ensure higher quality in augmented reality applications). For the smaller screen there is still no information, but experts believe that the Samsung should abandon the two camera model of Fold and decrease the number of cameras on the smaller screen in Galaxy Fold 2 for just one.

In addition to revealing some details about the screens, Ross Young also released other information about the device's hardware, stating that the Galaxy Fold 2 must use the Snapdragon 865 or the Snapdragon 865+ gives Qualcomm as a processor. We can also expect that the Fold 2 launched on the market with variations in storage space (256 GB or 512 GB) and variants that will support new networks 5G or that only work with technologies at 4G. The device would also be available in five different colors (blue, silver, gold, pink and black) and would come with the Android 10 as a factory operating system.

qualcomm snapdragon 865Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 processor should be used in the next Galaxy Fold (Image: Qualcomm)

J about the battery requirement (something extremely important for a smartphone which has such a large screen) sources revealed to the site XDA Developers that the Galaxy Fold 2 should have a 4500 mAh or 5000 mAh battery – both larger than the 4380 mAh battery Galaxy Fold. It is also expected that Samsung keep wireless charging in the device, and rumors speak of a 25W wireless charger. This technology would not provide a charging as fast as the 45W of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but one of the reasons raised for not adopting this higher power charger is the fact that, supposedly, the Galaxy Fold 2 could not withstand the high temperatures generated by such a strong charger.

Another very interesting possibility that the Galaxy Fold 2 would come from the factory with S Pen – the pen that usually accompanies line devices Galaxy Note. Despite being an accessory widely requested by users, the Fold did not use it because of the extremely pressure sensitive screen, making the use of a stylus could cause scratches and irreversible dents to the device. But, as the Samsung would be betting on a more resistant canvas for the second version of the model, there is a possibility that it already comes with the S Pen.

Price and release of the Galaxy Fold 2

According to rumors, Samsung would be considering announcing the Galaxy Fold 2 at the same time as the Galaxy Note 20, following the same trend of making a foldable smartphone official with one of its premium lines (as already happened with the Fold it's the Galaxy S10, it's the Z Flip it's the Galaxy S20).

So, theoretically, we can expect this device to be revealed in mid-August (since it is usually at this time that Samsung always reveals the new models in the line Note) but it is possible that due to the COVID-19, the company decides to postpone that date, as everything indicates that the measures of social isolation should continue to be necessary even in August.

Regarding the price, there is still no consensus between the rumors of how much the device should cost, and the only points that all leaks converge that the version that supports networks 5G should be more expensive than the one that does not have this technology, and that even the value of the cheapest model should not be less than the $ 1,980 ordered by Samsung at the Galaxy Fold original.

Even with the pandemic directly affecting the smartphone market and increasing the demand for cheaper devices, all rumors find it difficult that the Samsung practice a price drop to try to sell the device in the market, and the greater possibility that the company will practice selling with gifts (such as, for example, buying the device and also taking a couple of Galaxy Buds).

Source: CNet, SAM Mobile