Galaxy A5 (2017) is receiving Android Oreo in Brazil; check the news

Galaxy A5 (2017) is receiving Android Oreo in Brazil;  check the news

The Galaxy A5 2017 is receiving Android Oreo, fulfilling Samsung’s promise to keep last year’s Galaxy A line up to date with the recent version of the OS. Find out what changes next.

The update, which weighs 1.2 GB, is slowly arriving for the owners of the Brazilian Galaxy A5 2017. The update brings the improved Samsung Experience 9.0 to the device with the new features of Android Oreo. The changes range from the keyboard, screen settings and optimizations in overall performance.

It is worth remembering that the A5 was originally launched with Android Marshmallow, received Nougat and now, to the delight of its users, it is receiving its third major system change, with Android Oreo.

oreo galaxy a5

A5 2017 update for Oreo / © XDA Developers

According to the update log, the news is as follows:

Home screen

  • Press and hold an app to display shortcuts to common or recommended tasks within the app (compatible apps only);
  • The notification seals on the application icons are linked to the notification panel. Delete a notification in one location, and it will also be deleted in another location.

Smart View

  • Let your phone’s screen dim while mirroring to another screen.

Samsung account

  • Control your account settings and profile information for various applications;
  • Touch your profile photo on the main Settings page to access your profile information and account settings.

Samsung Cloud

  • View and manage photos and notes stored only on the Samsung Cloud;
  • Store any type of file on Samsung Cloud Drive;
  • Select specific items to exclude or restore from your backups;
  • See the size of each backup and the number of items in each.

Samsung Dual Messenger

  • Install a second copy of a messaging application so that you can use two accounts at the same time;
  • For applications that validate accounts using phone numbers, you will need a different phone number for each account;
  • Press and hold a messaging application on the Home screen or the Applications screen to install the second account.

Search my phone

  • Backup the Secure Folder remotely on the Samsung Cloud when you lose your phone;
  • Lock the Samsung Pass using Find My Phone.
oreo galaxy a5 update

Galaxy A5 (2017) visual updated for Oreo in Russia / © XDA Deveopers

  • Bluetooth now supports high-quality audio codecs, including AAC and Sony LDAC;
  • The Video player includes automatic repeat and double speed option;
  • The Voice Recorder provides smart tips for conveniently blocking calls while recording;
  • E-mail allows you to check Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync emails;
  • The Clock now includes Landscape Mode and timer sound options;
  • The Clock app opens directly when you tap the clock widget.

Samsung Keyboard

  • The toolbar offers quick access to useful functions;
  • The GIF keyboard allows you to send GIFs;
  • More high-contrast keyboards are available.

Lock screen and Always on Display

  • New watch styles for the Lock Screen and Always on Display;
  • Adjust the transparency of notifications to get the look you want.


  • To increase your security, features that use biometrics (face, fingerprints and irises) will only be available when you use a type of secure screen lock (pattern, PIN or password). When you switch to an unsecured type of screen lock (slide or none), biometric authentication is suspended for unlocking and validating in apps like Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass. If you are using biometrics now without a secure screen lock type, you can continue after the update, but it is recommended to switch to a secure screen lock type.

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