COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

G8 wants international database to fight pedophilia

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

The group of the eight most industrialized countries in the world agreed on the need to create an international database to combat pedophilia and intend to formalize the development of a super secure computer system for this purpose. The measure was proposed by the British ministers of the interior and of justice who called for the creation of an international platform accessible to the police of the different countries and developed with the effort of all.

According to the proposal, the Human Smuggling and Trafficking Message System (HST) would already benefit from the entire history of information available to the police and would be based on a secure Internet structure that would allow the various police to communicate via email with Interpol whenever a suspicious case was detected, reports the agency France Press.

Also according to the proposal, the system would allow the information to be forwarded from there to other countries and used to compile weekly newsletters that would be analyzed in order to establish standards and links between various cases.

The database should contain a file of photographs of adults referenced by pedophile practices that would be accessible to all G8 countries and to countries that have in the meantime decided to cooperate with the initiative. The English proposal suggests that the system used may even be able to check whether a room or a particular space has already been used more than once in child abuse photos, improving the police’s ability to relate clues, exemplifies AFP.

A British government spokesman said the United Kingdom hopes to put this idea to the ground before the end of its presidency of the European Union in December. However, in order for HST to advance, it is necessary to make some changes in terms of legislation.

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