G Suite receives payment option in Real


Google has a very broad and complete tooling. Contemplating several user profiles or G Suite is composed of several tools such as, Documents, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, etc.

The novelty announced by Google, brings the possibility of paying for the service in national currency. Previously it was necessary to have an international credit card and pay the IOF (Tax on Financial Operations) rate. In addition to the «Russian roulette» which is the exchange rate of the dollar. Now Brazilians will be able to use both the national credit card and pay by bank slip. The move, according to Google, aims to help its Brazilian customers and is completely optional.

The change is optional, and current customers who wish to migrate to payment in Reais will have their annual plans paid in US dollars canceled, as well as the collection of future debts. If the customer migrates to the payment in Real, they will not have the option to pay back in dollars”, Warned the company.

The option is available in Basic, Business, Enterprise and also for G Suite Lite.

Do you use the G Suite? It is good to have options that do not require means of payment “not accessible to all”.

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Source: Google, Google Discovery.

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