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Future reserves us eye-controlled Android games


One of the major problems generated by the constant use of computers, specifically their peripherals such as keyboards and mice, that we can gain a beautiful repetitive strain injury (READ). This is as true for people who use the computer for professional purposes as it is for those who are even interested in gambling. The fact that nowadays, the life of work and entertainment goes through, if at all, at least partially through interaction with PCs smartphones or tablets. If, on the one hand, there are those who may suffer physical injury because of this interaction, there are those who are completely excluded from it. How can we imagine a person without his arms or hands being part of the "privileged" and connected troupe? How to think of one typing articles for an important meeting or even having fun with games? Behold, it seems that such a problem could be overcome in the very near future.

We had already suggested in a previous post that the technology of smartphones and tablets It means a breakthrough on the one hand, but it can also be seen as problematic on the other. We were talking about the visually impaired who, with the arrival of the screens touch screen, were totally excluded from the market. After all, blind people see with their hands and fingers and need to feel the relief of things. Screens smartphones and tablets have everything … except relief. Apps that help the visually impaired write text messages on a smartphone are just the beginning of the saga to include them in the virtual world of smart devices.

This time, we don't want to talk about apps for the visually impaired, but a technology that can lead people instead to use their eyes as a way to overcome motor disabilities. The BBC published today on its website an article that precisely anticipates what the future holds in terms of interaction with computers. This is a project from the University of De Montfort that aims to develop an eye tracking system that allows game control through the eyes. Project professor Stephen Vickers says the technology has been explored for years. The difference is that this project aims to make it affordable and therefore popularize it among people with special needs.

Play with the eyes? But how?

The eye tracking system uses an infrared light that identifies exactly where the eyes are heading and can measure movements of people looking at a computer screen. If the person focuses his vision on an on or off button, the system understands such a movement as a mouse click or an enter key to turn something on or off.

If this technology becomes truly accessible to us mortals, it is argued that the use of the eyes to determine commands to a computer will only lead us to the laziness and therefore not be unhealthy. However, as we have already said, people with special needs will be privileged, not to mention those who suffer from repetitive strain injury. expect the project to succeed.

That the technological advance is therefore inclusive. As for the eye tracking system, we have no doubt that it is not restricted to computers and should also reach the smartphones and tablets. Imagine being able to play Android games with your eyes?

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