Future plans for Pop! _OS

System76's operating system roadmap relies on plans for the future of the system.

In one of my distro hopping routines, I was going through Pop! _OS (which I even settled into, at least for now) and the store being based on the ElementaryOSI was unsure if she would get the update that supports flatpaks. When I asked System76 on Twitter, I got a response from their roadmap, which has several plans for the future of the system. future plans pop the roadmap

This roadmap has the features they plan to make available in the system, but without setting dates. For the updates of the projects maintained by them, a rolling-release strategy is followed, ie it will be released immediately as an update, without waiting for the next update. The tools will be released for both the latest version and the latest LTS.

Let's go to the tools planned by System76:


  • Flatpak support with Flathub repository;
  • Support for Flatpak repositories in Repoman;

Hybrid plates

  • Add in Gnome Settings the option to define which video card a particular application starts with;
  • Add an option for application settings by right clicking on the icon;
  • Develop documentation to help the community identify applications that do not support hybrid cards and add details so developers can add support;

Gnome Accounts Online

  • Add new services in Gnome Initial Settings;
  • Add new CalDav and CardDav services;
  • Add new services in Gnome Calendrio and Gnome Contacts;


  • Installation of codecs;
  • Removal of the System76 Driver application, which is used on computers and notebooks sold by System76;
  • Integrate System76 Driver application information into the system itself;
  • Add features on the About tab in the settings;
  • NVENC support in ffmpeg;


  • ZFS support;
  • Separate the disk manager from the installer;
  • Enable support for Wayland in the installer;
  • Add an option to install next to another system;

System76 Power

  • Add System76 Power settings to Gnome settings;
  • Add the possibility of creating custom profiles;
  • Customize commands for changing profiles;
  • Profiles for AMD processors;
  • AMD and Nvidia video card profiles;


  • Add support for Windows 10 USB flash drive creation;
  • I translate into other languages;

Pop Upgrade

  • Reduce the internet bandwidth required to perform the recovery partition upgrade;
  • Improve packet detection and possible packet conflicts;
  • The roadmap also has information about previous releases of the company, and if you want to check it, you can access the entire content. in full. (in english)

Is there a tool you would like to see available on Pop! _OS? Leave us comments!

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See you next time!

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